10 Video Game Controversies and Why They Matter

From the feature editorial:

"Controversy is at the core of the human experience. People feed on it, love it like nothing else and will constantly seek out and, in some rare cases, falsely generate it for no other reason than a juicy story full of good guys, bad guys and lawyers ready to duel to the litigious death will peak their interest for time indeterminate. After all, we as humans ridiculously enjoy a fascinating story and if it’s ripe with polemic delights, all the better. So, it should come with little surprise that the video game industry is replete with its own particular brand."

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LaurenKB1232116d ago

Some of these were before my time but great list, and some important stuff in there...

UltimaEnder2116d ago

Number 1 and the Gane Genie for sure, recent Activision lawsuit was fairly important also!

LaurenKB1232116d ago

Game Shark is what I know it as, what is this Genie you speak of?

JKelloggs2116d ago

It's basically a game shark, for Nintendo and SEGA gaming systems