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Submitted by Erimgard 1279d ago | opinion piece

What Metroid Wii U Needs

With the Wii U's release just around the corner it won't be long till all of Nintendo's favorite franchises make their next-gen appearances. Find out why Metroid is perfect for the Wii U, and what it needs to do to fully utilize the Wii U hardware to provide the best Metroid experience yet. ( Metroid Prime, Metroid Other M, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Wii U)

Shok  +   1279d ago | Well said
To be made.
Rrobba  +   1279d ago
Bubble for you good sir.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1279d ago
A Bubble for you both good sirs!

For in this case, the bubbler is as wise as the bubblee.


1-UP *SMB MIDI Chime*

(I only add Metroid Wii U Needs- Samus. In fact I would settle for a game with Samus that goes beyond the Metroid years).
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ChickeyCantor  +   1278d ago
" *SMB MIDI Chime*"

It's not exactly MIDI. MIDI is an interface. SNES files were more close to trackers.

Just pointing it out.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1279d ago
And to be great!
AO1JMM  +   1279d ago
Bubble! for all the above users. lol
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PopRocks359  +   1279d ago
A writer/director/producer that isn't Sakamoto?
Erimgard  +   1279d ago
Shigeru Miyamoto was a producer on Metroid Prime and Kensuke Tanabe, who has long been one of Miyamoto's right hand men, produced the second and third Prime titles.
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PopRocks359  +   1279d ago
I'm aware of that lol. I was taking a jab at Other M which was written/produced/directed by Sakamoto. Ironically he's been a regular on the franchise yet somehow royally fucked up that game's story and crippled its gameplay mechanics.

I should note, I don't blame Team Ninja for it. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing them work on another Nintendo game.
Erimgard  +   1279d ago
Team Ninja actually went out of their way to make note of the fact that they had nothing to do with Other M's story. I don't believe it was a terrible game, but it certainly had more than its fair share of flaws, and very little of its story was original. It was like a less effective rehash of Fusion.
taquito  +   1279d ago
side scrolling, return to roots, in 1080p, 4x anti aliasing, 60 frames per second

i'd buy that for a dollar, or 60 actually
AO1JMM  +   1279d ago
That would be AWESOME!!!! I would buy that on day 1. Bubble for you as well good sir. LOL
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guitarded77  +   1279d ago
The reason I'm buying a Wii U is for Metroid and Zelda... I'll play my third party games where my friends are, but the Wii U is for Nintendo exclusives.

I want Metroid U to be third person... it's just better for platforming.

I want some creative online mp or co-op

I want beautiful/diverse environments

I want a dark and mature Metroid. Not cussing or anything, just a heavy feel

I want an HD collection of Metroid prime games
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1279d ago
Reposted of an earlier comment.

"That's another thing I want the series to go beyond the Metroid Era.

So, I am looking for a title called SAMUS.

That is why being around other sentient beings could showcase the character more- or being around civilians.

The Metroid series can go back to side scrolling on 3DS or have another Prequel on WiiU (I'll play them).

But SAMUS has a lot of versatility to fill gaps from games like Splinter Cell, Prey2, and Dues Ex. And it could still have the great exploration and puzzle solving- just more in the (stereo-typed) Hardcore way.

....At least a spin-off, Metroid is the only Nintendo main title that has not gotten a big (or little) spin-off. It would be an interesting experiment."

From 9 days ago:
Erimgard  +   1279d ago
I agree. I don't think the title necessarily needs to change, but I definitely think Metroid needs to stop bringing back Metroids. The story can do more interesting things than just constantly finding loopholes to bring back old enemies. That's why I believe Metroid Wii U should cast the Federation as the enemy.
jc48573  +   1279d ago
I want a third person metroid.
DivineAssault  +   1279d ago
a development team is what it needs.. 3DS needs one for metroid too
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nerdkiller  +   1278d ago
retro and a multiplayer
Gen0ne  +   1278d ago
Metroid needs Retro and nothing more. Bring Samus back!
CaptainN  +   1278d ago
Metroid Dread.......that is all, good day !
swice  +   1278d ago
WiiU Pro Controller
No dialogue
First-person segments for either gameplay or cinematics.
I can't choose between 3rd person or sidescroll...

Personally, I would like a very in-depth scanning system.

Metroid. Love it. Except Other M.
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Instigator  +   1278d ago
I've said it before (in the article CouldHaveYelledUiiW linked to actually), but I want a 1st person/3rd person hybrid where you can choose for yourself how to play through it. And none of that 'Galactic Federation swooping in and taking over' crap, though I wouldn't mind seeing some other hunters appearing.

If they're planning on making a cinematic or story heavy game next, then for the love of poor Samus, keep Sakamoto out of it. I like Other M, but the portrayal of Samus is something I try to block from my memory.
kesvalk  +   1278d ago
i would really like to see another Metroid with the Other M gameplay...

but please, single world, alone, lot's of exploration...

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