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v1c1ous3792d ago

it almost seems dull.

not the fact that i spoiled myself no, but the characters that are in...i don't know.

it's like they don't click well. SSBM character roster was sorta cheery and the music and mood fit it.

SSBB is a bit too out of left field. all the characters are on so many extremes of the spectrum. :/

OC Shock Value3792d ago

a day 1 purchase regardless.. remember me so i can beat your A$$ when this game drops..

Frances-the-Mute3792d ago

damn they exposed everything, they messed up the excitement, everything is exposed, oh well i'll still be playing it, i guess since its pretty close to release they decided to give it all away


Not the Face3792d ago

i dont care so much a bout the spoils...still gotta unlock most of em. rob the robot? cool and "toon link" yeah!! this is the biggest news on the whole site today!! cant wait till tomorrow!!!! siaya o nara suckers!!

RecSpec3792d ago

Seriously, let Rob die. He was in Mario Kart for the DS, nice once, but come on. I'm actually disappointed by these spoilers, hopefully that's not all of the characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.