Netflix “Just for Kids” Comes to Xbox 360


Today brings exciting news for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers with Netflix memberships. Once you download the most recent update to the Netflix app that is available now, you will have access to Netflix “Just for Kids.” It is an entertainment experience designed exclusively for children 12 and under that makes it easy and fun for families to browse and instantly watch a large selection of kid-friendly TV shows and movies.

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Godmars2902054d ago

Isn't there a kids menu option when you log on? To Netflix anyway.

darthv722054d ago

but so far it seems only the wii version actually had the option of choosing when you started the app.

Emilio_Estevez2054d ago

PS3 did too, popped up a few months ago

darthv722054d ago

thanks for the heads up. I need to update my ps3 netflix it seems.

Ben_Grimm2053d ago

Yea, I saw this on PS3, then it went away.

Great option this feature. I just wish Netflix would update their instant stream with better titles more often.

SoundGamer2053d ago

It's still there. Press "select" on your PS3 controller and it will take you to it.

The reason you probably do not see it anymore is likely because you use the main part Netflix the most. It learns your behavior and takes you to what you use most automatically.

Ben_Grimm2053d ago

Excellent, thanks for the tip!

SoundGamer2053d ago

I like the PS3's UI better for Netflix for Kids. *ahem* Not that I watch it or anything. =p

greenpowerz2053d ago

360 wasn't mentioned once in these comments LOL

stuna12053d ago

Yes it was! You just mentioned it! j/k

What I'm finding hard to understand is why are people getting disagrees for asking questions for clarification?

greenpowerz2053d ago

I don't see any relevant questions...There is no clarification needed...The news is announcing very simple info...

A feature didn't exist on XBL, now it does.

vitorizzo2053d ago

thats where all of IGN's call of duty videos are gonna be from now on too

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