45 Nm Cell BE Promised to Reduce Power Consumption by Nearly Half

Tom's Hardware writes:

"Sony is apparently working on a 65 nm to 45 nm migration of its Cell Broadband Engine. Sony claims that the chip area size will be reduced by 34% and the 45 nm Cell will consume 40% less power than the 65 nm generation. The company also works on improving the design for manufacturability (DFM) for Cell to simplify the CPU production process."

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zambrota3798d ago

since SONY would require less transistors .

In a sense it might drop the PP of ps3 by 40%.

so we can expect massive price cuts down the road

decapitator3798d ago

Excellent news. Sony should hurry this up and also announce the PS3 slim so I can pick that one up as well. Great Information. I am also sure we will see a $299 or less PS3 this year with this piece of information.

coltsfreak183798d ago

we need that 40gb white ps3 at 299 to come out soon. A new sku hopefully will be 399 with more memory (hopefully bc) and this new chip.
p.s. I like in the gamerzone nobody can make dumb RROD comments about this

rawg3798d ago

It's only been a year and they've already reduced component costs by 50% and now they're cutting the cost of producing the cell. lower power requirements also translate into more cost reductions, smaller fans, smaller power supply, etc.

If sony can pass on these savings to consumers, they could flood the market with $299 PS3s. That's a great value. Hell - that's only $50 more than the retail price of a Wii.

Gina-get-u3798d ago

That is so wrong. The number of transistors on the IC will remain the same. They'll just get much, much smaller. In fact, if Moore's Law continues to hold sway, Sony's goal would be to cram ever more transistors into the same or smaller space. So if Sony does things right, it will be cranking out even more transistors, but at lower cost.

Guwapo773798d ago

I was about to correct him as well Gina. Shrinkage of the transistors is whats going on. And a few other magical things to ensure minimal leakage.

ravinash3797d ago

I wonder if they will ever put one of these processors into a PSP?

Ju3797d ago

^^ next gen cell @ 1.5Ghz and 4 SPUs for the PSP2. :) Wouldn't that be cool? 800x480 wide screen and that baby would be fast enough to save the gfx chip.

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Kain813798d ago

Hard Work Haaarrrrdd Work.
Its Time to bring out the 65nm CPU/GPU for PS3
The Price cut is near

f7ss13798d ago

so if then make smaller chips does that translate into cheaper production costs? if so then theyve got all the firepower they need for a price cut. They just recently cut the production cost in half, reduced the size of blu ray lasers and now if they do this, they could get away with a 100$ price cut without breakin a sweat no problem

zambrota3798d ago

smaller chips require less transistors and hence smaller materials with less cost

tatical3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

The smaller chips don't have less transistors, they have smaller transistors. The chips are like little cities: you can use a "shrink-ray" to reduce the size of the streets equally, but you'll still have the same number of streets. Since the streets are smaller they don't require as much building material [concrete], or silicon in the case of the CELL processor.

INehalemEXI3798d ago

I remember reading the manufacturing costs went from $800 to $400 per unit. Which is making it 50% cheaper to make not sure if this was before or after this die shrink.

Arutha3798d ago

Smaller chips means more die per wafer. More die per wafers means more money per wafer produced. If they did less transistors (which they did not, they just shrunk everything) then that would be a design change and then they have to qualify that change. Shrinking is always a good thing since you have the same costs per wafer on 65nm or 45nm. You just get more sellable die with a shrink. I wonder if these are on a 8 or 12" wafer though?

I'd love to see the process flow on the cell. Makes me curious how many metal layers they are doing and how many steps it takes to build one.

Guwapo773798d ago

Arutha hit it head on. Read his post as it is the correct information.

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zambrota3798d ago

right after GDC considering that one of KZ2/R2 is dispalyed at GDC which will gain enormous hype

a 40 gigg HDD/a 160 gig doesnt differ that much in terms of production costs may be 10$ but SONY could easily sell the 160 gig version for 500$

pwnsause3798d ago

i doubt thats going to cost 500 dollars, with all those production costs going down, also if a new sku releases expect them to get rid of HArdware BC. THey will possibly allow PS2 software emulation. which I hope no one really minds.

Kain813798d ago

but not the 160GB version that came up with the 120GB version Rumor

zambrota3798d ago

why would SONY discontinue 80 gig when it sells better?

why do people buy elite when it has the same things as Premium but LARGER HDD.

some people would like to put alot of things on their HDD and hence a LARGER HDD is very attractive to them

pwnsause3798d ago

they possibly want to get rid of the BC chips. thats why.

Ri0tSquad3798d ago

"It's funny how they just said the UK rather than "Sony does not have plans to release a 120GB PLAYSTATION 3". You never know."

Never know.

ravinash3797d ago

Sony always denies these rumours until it make the official announcement.

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