Boobs Don’t Equal Noobs

A gamer girl's take on stereotypes in the gaming scene.

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JoshEngen2054d ago

I'm not sure that I agree with anything that was written in the article, but good lord that chic is cute.

hop3lessfray2054d ago

I actually don't think he's hot.
Gasp, shock, I know.

I like the point brought up about "analysts" brought in to examine based on looks. That's the biggest gap between sports and e-sports. Erin Andrews is hot AND she knows about sports.

Some of the forced reactions I see these models have is embarrassing.

JoshEngen2054d ago

No kidding. And there are enough attractive girl gamers out there that we shouldn't have to suffer through airheadedness anymore.

32froshes2054d ago

I think Lindsey Sporrer is attractive. Wait, what were we debating here?

hop3lessfray2053d ago

I just happen to like curves.

Am I being downvoted just because I don't like Lindsey Sporrer?!?!?!

Brash_Attack2054d ago

And Google Image searches for "Lindsey Sporrer" skyrocket.

NovusTerminus2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I don't see why we need an article for this... Who cares what people think about you? Keep playing what you enjoy. But I do think it's funny that every time someone says 'core games' they cite CoD or Battlefield...

Ya know, you are a girl, you play games... GREAT!... But really I don't care, and I don't see why you should care what people think...

You write an article saying that you are not a "n00b" but you don't cite any games that are not widely played, saying you are a 'core gamer' and you say Battlefield, Puzzle Fighter, and DDR... Yeah, I'll give you props for FFVII:CC and KH:DDD, but all in all you don't seem to seek out titles that are not as known, you play games with a name behind them.

In my mind, I count a 'core gamer' as someone who seeks out new games to play, and not by review, not by TV spots, and not by popularity or sales. But finds more underground titles that interest them, and play them, regardless of the 'popular' opinion.

As I said, play what you like, but it just seems odd to me.

JAMurida2054d ago

Perfectly fucking said.

ghettosmurf2054d ago

Too much tits, not enough breasts.

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