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Boobs Don’t Equal Noobs

A gamer girl's take on stereotypes in the gaming scene. (Culture, Halo: Reach, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)

JoshEngen  +   960d ago
I'm not sure that I agree with anything that was written in the article, but good lord that chic is cute.
hop3lessfray  +   960d ago
I actually don't think he's hot.
Gasp, shock, I know.

I like the point brought up about "analysts" brought in to examine based on looks. That's the biggest gap between sports and e-sports. Erin Andrews is hot AND she knows about sports.

Some of the forced reactions I see these models have is embarrassing.
JoshEngen  +   960d ago
No kidding. And there are enough attractive girl gamers out there that we shouldn't have to suffer through airheadedness anymore.
32froshes  +   960d ago
I think Lindsey Sporrer is attractive. Wait, what were we debating here?
hop3lessfray  +   960d ago
I just happen to like curves.

Am I being downvoted just because I don't like Lindsey Sporrer?!?!?!
Brash_Attack  +   960d ago
And Google Image searches for "Lindsey Sporrer" skyrocket.
LordMe  +   960d ago
I don't see why we need an article for this... Who cares what people think about you? Keep playing what you enjoy. But I do think it's funny that every time someone says 'core games' they cite CoD or Battlefield...

Ya know, you are a girl, you play games... GREAT!... But really I don't care, and I don't see why you should care what people think...

You write an article saying that you are not a "n00b" but you don't cite any games that are not widely played, saying you are a 'core gamer' and you say Battlefield, Puzzle Fighter, and DDR... Yeah, I'll give you props for FFVII:CC and KH:DDD, but all in all you don't seem to seek out titles that are not as known, you play games with a name behind them.

In my mind, I count a 'core gamer' as someone who seeks out new games to play, and not by review, not by TV spots, and not by popularity or sales. But finds more underground titles that interest them, and play them, regardless of the 'popular' opinion.

As I said, play what you like, but it just seems odd to me.
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JAMurida  +   960d ago
Perfectly fucking said.
ghettosmurf  +   960d ago
Too much tits, not enough breasts.
Quadraxis  +   960d ago
That's a funny title, but it doesn't change that this has been said several times already. As I said before, the only people who are obsessed about women playing videogames, are women.

Or maybe the girl just wanted to post her picture, beats me.
cleft5  +   960d ago
Unfortunately, a lot of the times when we have these women in gaming conversation it is spurred on by some dude that thinks he is protecting women by talking about how they are mistreated and how all us evil dudes need to be more respectful. Just today there was an article written about the ridiculous sizes of boobs on female video game characters, and it was of course by some self righteous guy.

Women actually don't get overly involved in the topic of women having a valid place in the gaming industry because when they do they tend to get extremely harassed by a few idiots. Just look at that kickstarter where that one chick was trying to bring awareness to how women are stereotyped in gaming. She got a ton of hate mail, sexist comments, and outright death threats.

So while this topic is certainly overdone by dudes talking about this crap, a lot of women don't tend to get involved in this conversation just because of how badly they will be harassed for admitting they are in fact female.

Also, if you actually read the article you would know that isn't a picture of her but some clueless female that got hired to present at a big StarCraft tournament. Anyways, checkout the article it is actually good and not what you think.
cleft5  +   960d ago
I agree with everything she said and best of all, an actual woman is saying this stuff. See all you "white knight" losers out there, women can and will defend themselves. Yeah she is right though, just because she has a pair of tits it doesn't mean she isn't an actual gamer. But I am glad that she did point out all the clueless women out there that are just exploiting the fact that they have boobs and using the gaming industry to promote themselves.

The best part of this article is that she didn't give a photo of herself because it doesn't matter what she looks like, only what she thinks.
Moby-Royale  +   960d ago
I love that picture lol. I just like the dramatic, almost stoic pose and expression.

Right beside: Boobs do not equal noobs.

A very serious subject, if there ever was one.


*typographical error
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DivineAssault  +   960d ago
boob noobs..

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