Super Stardust HD Turns Five, Celebrate with a Stellar Sale

PlayStation Blog: It’s amazing that we’ve come this far since Super Stardust HD first came on the scene. Five years ago, the top-selling and award-winning PS3 game blasted you on a breathtaking tour through the galaxy full of epic sights and scenes. Everyone here at Housemarque has been honored to be a part of the journey in creating five years of action-packed entertainment on PSN. From Super Stardust HD to Super Stardust Portable to Super Stardust Delta on PS Vita, we’ve always pushed ourselves to deliver the best possible arcade experience.

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B_Rian892143d ago

this was one of the first PSN games I bought and still one of the best

spunnups2143d ago

yup, this and Fl0w and calling all cars, and dont forget the rubber duckie game

darthv722143d ago

challenging and fun in so many ways. I also had flow at one time. sony gave it away as a freebie and I had it before I updated my hdd. I still have trophies for it but sadly it isnt available in my download history.

I asked sony and they basically said that free games are no longer available for re-download. :-(

Rhezin2143d ago

I wish Housemarque would make another for psn instead of doomed handhelds. That or another Dead Nation.

smashcrashbash2143d ago

Yeah I was with you until doomed handhelds. That deserved a disagree.

ginsunuva2143d ago

Housemarque's games are practically meant to be on handhelds

spunnups2143d ago

Stardust and Dead Nation, both stellar games, love their fast paced arcade action with in depth gameplay...Housemarquee has gotta be one of the most undertated developers out there...

OllieBoy2143d ago

Housemarque has been amazing on PSN.

Super Stardust HD = Best twin-stick shooter this generation
Dead Nation = Best zombie game this generation