Europe Gets Starter Pack

According to a source in Spain Sony Computer Entertainment's vice president for Spain and Portugal, James Armstrong has confirmed that a new Starter Pack is due to go on sale on 31 January

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vloeistof3799d ago

uncharted and rachet well thats a cool bundle

zambrota3799d ago

I dont see anyone NOT PICKING up that bundle in europe

sonarus3799d ago

considering how well uncharted is selling right now its definetly a smart bundle. However the ratchet and clank choice is questionable. In my opinion they should have included a multiplayer title in there like maybe warhawk to at least show of ps3's multiplayer capabilities. Both games rated reen. Uncharted and warhawk would have been a better bundle imo

fenderputty3799d ago

I think ratchet is a great game to bundle in there. It's an awesome game and one that has been overlooked. It's done OK in sales but this bundle will only help. Gratned it doesn't show of the PSN but, graphicly R&C walks all over Warhawk and is as fun. It's a great bundle hitting the less serious gamer too.

sonarus3799d ago

oh don't get me wrong i loved ratchet and clank as much if not more than i love uncharted but at the same time the purpose of a bundle is to introduce key titles to showcase the systems strengths i jst feel a multiplayer game should have been thrown in there and i being a warhawk fan can never agree with your statement about it being more fun. You jst havent experienced any warhawk battles where your teams got the flag and you all are rolling in a convoy of 5-6 jeeps. Warhawk is easily one of my favourite multiplayer titles. Ratchet and clank on the other had is an excellent game with the best 6 axis use to date.

rawg3799d ago

Both games are great. I can't see anyone not liking Uncharted but if Ratchet is not your thing you shouldn't have any problems selling it off and using that money toward Warhawk.

coolfool3799d ago

In fact this is probably the best bundle I could ask for at the moment. However, it stil doesn't convince me to buy a PS3. I am holding out for 2 more features; the DS3 and BC. When they are added, thats when I will buy a PS3 (this is my one man campain to see the return of BC :p ).

AAACE53799d ago

I always thought a better bundle would have been Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm, but this bundle seems like it will sell pretty good!

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kalistyles3799d ago

That's a hell of a starter pack. Uncharted and Ratchet. I would love to pick up a PS3 with those to games included if I didn't have one already.

TheHater3799d ago

Two PS3 must haves titles and an extra controller. That not a bad Starter Pack.

TruthBTold3799d ago

why make a starter pack now if they plan to add the dualshock 3 not too long from now. This would mean that EU wont be seeing the DS3 too soon. The starter pack is great because it includes two amaizing games but what about the DS3.

Kain813799d ago

with an Atractiv Bundle, so that this Sku goes out of the Retailers, so that the new one can Released

Sorry for my bad English:)

TruthBTold3799d ago

but this is the 40 gb sku which is not the one they are getting rid off, thats the 80gb. They will continue to sell it. Do they sell a different one for the 40gb over there? Anyways I was just worried that this would push the DS3 even more and I think its very important to have it out sooner than later.

Kain813799d ago

not the hole 40Gb version you Know

PSWe603799d ago

That's a Hell of a starter pack, if I didn't own a PS3 already I'd travel to Spain just to get it.

zambrota3799d ago

i would have done the same but i already own a ps3.

I think that bundle will be launched across all countries of europe not just Spain

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