Dark Sector - Gameplay video

Four minutes of gameplay. Great game.

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masterg3608d ago

Why is this game getting no hype.
I looks awesome and the gameplay reminds me of Gears of War/Uncharted.
Are you getting the game?

Agree (yes) Disagree (no)

sonarus3608d ago

for me at this point it depends on which games are out/which games i am playing. If it comes out at the appropriate time i will probably get it. The graphics arent that great though at least in my opinion. UNreal engine graphics havnt been impressive lately except for UT3. Turok, blacksite and time shift especially. That video reminded me way too much of gears of war and the whole dipping the blade in fire thing may get old after a while. I guess it depends on reviews as well if it can manage at least 8.5 average then i'll get it. But from what i see not that impressede.

INehalemEXI3608d ago

I can't lie I would buy it.

freeman293608d ago

Thats right "masterg" it looks like the Gears of War berserk battle. Good game indeed.


This game rocks - can't wait !

LinuxGuru3608d ago

THis game looks pretty good.

I'm also looking forward to the survival-horror sci-fi game "Dead Space"

replikka3608d ago

it looks like gears for real. thats a good thing

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The story is too old to be commented.