Sony To Reveal The ‘Future Of PlayStation” In Gamescom Livestream

Sony Computer Entertainment is promising to reveal the “future of PlayStation” during a gamescom live conference video feed beginning on Tuesday, August 14

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MaideninBlack2047d ago

Playstation has no futures. /s

Darth Stewie2047d ago

What are you talking about Playstation will have a long future I mean look at the PS2 its the only last gen system still alive and even outsells the 360 in Japan sometimes.
All three companies have done well this gen and look like they will continue to be around in the future.

Darth Stewie2047d ago

PS3 super slim confirmed.
Also maybe they will talk about Gaikai.

iamnsuperman2047d ago

I think it will be more about Gaikai than new super slim PS3. When they say future of playstation I see hinting (not revealing) at the steps for the next generation/ evolution of the Playstation brand and not PS3.

Voiceofsoi2046d ago

Before Every Gamescom:

Sony is going to make a big announcement! Maybe a new product I as a PS3 owner would want! Could it be a new IP? A sequel to a popular franchise? A new service? Maybe even a new system?!

After Every Gamescom:

Oh... Well I guess that'll help the company...and people who don't own a Sony system yet... kinda wish there was something for me to get excited about though...

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The story is too old to be commented.