Japan's Super Smash Bros. Brawl shortage more like a delay

Destructoid recently told you about potential Super Smash Bros. Brawl shortages for the game's Japanese launch, but now an update from importer National Console Support makes the situation look more like a short delay.

They are to receive the initial shipments of SSBB this Thursday, and while they were able to obtain more copies than they originally expected, it looks like some preorder customers will have to wait another week. The importer's update from yesterday said that "Nintendo will only ship 25% of the game this week due to a production shortage," though more will be available next week. Phew!

From NCS:

The remainder of our Smash Bros X shipments are scheduled to arrive no later than Wednesday or Thursday of next week and we'll be able to fill all remaining preorders and any new orders at that time.

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wiizy3855d ago

nonsense.. smash will be a huge hit everywhere. and the reason for some more sony and xbox 360 fanboys crying all year.

3855d ago
Blank10173854d ago

my opinion is they had last minute glitches and didnt want to push it back, so they made their fixes but didnt give themselves enough time to make all the discs. So now they are shipping as they print em and will quickly catch up

I doubt this will be the same state-side.


you have a modded wii an plan on playing this game ur screwed. The game cannot be played on a wii that is not ntsc j even if you have a japanese wii with a mod chip it still wont work.

Not the Face3854d ago

cause of the smash code. i just hop i can use my japanese wii in the usa online with no hassle....should be ok. i cant freaking wait, i dont think i will be able to go to weep milk and brandy please.

BrotherNick3854d ago

I just hope it's on time in the states. :D