Thief 4 'switched to next-gen consoles'

CVG: Long-in-development sequel could release next year, claims report

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decrypt2114d ago

Dam they shouldnt have delayed the PC version because of consoles. Its uncool if Sony and MS think people arent ready for next gen yet.

They should just release the game on PC and current consoles, console version may be lowered in graphics, console gamers dont care about graphics anyways.

AIndoria2114d ago

I don't really care about PC graphics either.
Yes, I do game on both PCs and Consoles.

Xof2114d ago

You mean "gamers don't care about graphics, anyway."

Only prepubescent asshats are emotionally invested in the fidelity of their games.

Red_Orange_Juice2114d ago

bumping Fiddy's Patiently waiting

FPStealthRPGamer2114d ago

Current-Gen,Next-Gen,whatever. ...JUST BRING IT!!!!

AIndoria2114d ago

I don't care which gen, bring it on man. It's been a long while since deadly shadows.

TheDivine2114d ago

Just release pc version and a console version whenever next gen consoles are released. That or lower some settings like BF3 and Witcher 2. Get it out asap, dont wait for us console folks!

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