Tom Brady Covers Backyard Football 2008

Gamedaily writes today Humongous Inc. reminded everyone that Tom Brady is starring in the kid-friendly Backyard Football 2008. The New England Patriots' quarterback set a NFL record with 50 touchdown passes during the 2007 regular season, an accomplishment that helped him net the NFL MVP award. Backyard Football '08 is available on PS2, DS, Wii, and PC.

"I am very excited to be part of the Backyard Football team," said Brady. "Working with kids is always great and representing Backyard Football is a fantastic way to introduce the fun of the game to the next generation of fans. I especially like seeing myself and other pro players as kids in the game -- it's really funny and brings back great memories of playing football as a child."

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wiizy3765d ago

wii and boston to the top.. we are winning everything... patriots for the superbowl..