My Hour With Misery

"The other night I made a mistake. An awful mistake that, even today – almost two days later – I’m still paying for. Through my Gamefly account, I rented Ju-on: The Grudge. For those that don’t remember it even coming out (and chances are, you don’t), it released in October of 2009 on the Nintendo Wii. I don’t expect pity; it’s not like I should have expected much considering that this was not only a licensed title, but also a game that labeled itself as a “Haunted House Simulator”. If the 2004 film gave you any chills, then the game is bound to terrify you beyond belief – just not in the way it should."

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HiddenMission2292d ago

I hope you know the saying Misery loves company...bad games like to suck gamers down into the depths of it's hell...

WeskerChildReborned2291d ago

At least you didn't buy it. I can't really say the game is bad cause i haven't tried it but i would maybe when i get a Wii U. I'll probably rent it just in case.

DanielBryan2291d ago

Wait,The Grudge was supposed to be a horror movie? O.O I must have missed the scary parts.

rdgneoz32291d ago

The original Japanese version / series is better.