Sleeping Dogs review: 9/10 in OXM - 'A better game than we were expecting'

CVG: Second glowing review arrives for Square Enix brawler - surprise hit of the year?

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FinaLXiii1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

This better have a demo on PSN i wanna try it.

krisq1956d ago

Open world games do not get demos too often.

jaymart2k1956d ago

Saint's Row 1
Just Cause 2

krisq1956d ago

Two old games? That's a lot... And did I wrote 'every'?

da_2pacalypse1956d ago

I got a chance to play the game at San Diego Comic-con. I can tell you that the gameplay seemed very fluid and the combat was pretty fun. I recommend checking it out!

WeskerChildReborned1955d ago

@Jaymart2k, He said they don't get them often meaning that they still have demos just not that much and 2 isn't really alot.

Christopher1955d ago

Might get it via PS+. It's not a bad thing being able to do 1-hour trials of all the new PS3 digital games. I wouldn't buy it digital even, but it's a good demo experience.

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Raf1k11956d ago

Apparently this game has a lot of DLC coming out for it so I personally might wait and pick up the "full" game later.

pr0digyZA1956d ago

Just cause 2 also had a lot of dlc and there still isnt a complete package unless you get off steam. Plus you must remember atleast 4 or 5 have been confirmed as free. (Anyway they seem like they will be trivial fluff for the game its not like full missions more like theme packs).

Raf1k11956d ago

Yeh I planned on getting the PC version anyway. Console one would cost me at least £35 day one whereas Steam has it on for £27.

iceman061956d ago

From what I hear, most of the DLC is going to be skin the pre-order offers. A couple of them DO have one extra mission attached. I have no problem with THAT. However, I do hate when devs take stories out of games and sell them as DLC.

Toman851956d ago

Maybe I shall pick this up :)

iXenon1955d ago

I got an early copy for my website. I no-life'd the game and beat it in 11hrs, with maybe two half hour breaks.

All I'm gonna say is: Activision made a mistake.