Stone Cold's Middle Fingers Blurred Out In WWE '13

Although WWE '13 is rated "M", WWE has made sure some PG elements are included. The latest change is blurring out Stone Cold's iconic middle finger salute.

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claud32052d ago

That sucks, that is his one top disapproval of the system

Shang-Long2052d ago

If you think stone cold Steve Austin's middle fingers being blurred out is a load of crap, Gimmie a hell yeah!

DanielBryan2052d ago

Do I think it's a load of crap?

NoGunz2052d ago

If this was the Attitude Era, his hand would have came out of the game and choked you.

AzaziL2052d ago

So a game about people violently attacking each other with chairs views cussing as offensive.......

santiagobambam02051d ago

Wow blurring out the middle finger I think this game is gonna be great but little things like this makes me hate the WWE alittle inside. I understand that kids watch wrestling but wth when did wrestling come about only kids...? This is a video game... Rate it T for teen or something damn it's supposed to be the attitude era! If parents don't want their kids to have it then don't buy it? Either way WWE is stupid with this whole PG crap Punk needs to give a GTS to Vince & drop another pipe bomb cause yeah things have changed but not to much has.

santiagobambam02051d ago

Lol @ the old dude or chick whatever you are under the "kids" above you.

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