Gamedaily: Endless Ocean Review

Gamedaily's Robert Workman writes, there is a lot to do in the fictional ocean of Manoa Lai. As you wade through its waters, you'll discover hidden artifacts in shipwrecks; interact with a number of fascinating sea creatures; lead tours with fellow divers; and take pictures for aquatic magazines and other publications.

The underwater effects look dazzling. You'll experience water ripples, algae, sea plants and other small effects that look just like the real thing. Sea life also looks elegant, particularly when you run across a dolphin or a manta ray. At first, it seems as if you can swim in this ocean for miles on end. However, sometimes you'll have to double-back to the boat and move to a new area before you do any further exploration.

Endless Ocean uses the Wii remote, and the controls take some getting used to. Nunchuk compatibility would've been excellent, especially when it comes to quick turns. However, the game's not broken. You simply point your Wii remote on-screen and use different buttons to turn, look and push forward. It's nothing fancy, just a simple, easygoing control scheme that works once you practice.

Endless Ocean also has additional content. If you're not up for listening to the game's sleep-inducing soundtrack, you can provide your own through an SD memory card. The game also has decent Wi-Fi Connection support, so you can go diving with a friend if you feel up to it. It's not the most kinetic online gaming experience, but it's worth trying at least once. Unlockable content helps you modify your diver, so you can give them more of a personal touch. If that still isn't enough for you, the $30 price tag is definitely alluring.

Action fans and those looking for an enthralling adventure game might want to take a rain check on Endless Ocean. Everyone else, though, shouldn't hesitate to dive in. Its underwater beauty, missions and support of both Wi-Fi Connection and MP3 playback make it worth exploring.

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