Still Patiently Awaiting All Those ‘Vita is Doomed’ Stories

Kotaku - In today's portable edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, Domini N wonders when everyone is going to get around to forecasting the death of the PS Vita like they did with the 3DS last year.

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Abash1993d ago

What, every week a "Vita is doomed!!!" article hits 1000 degrees or more on N4G.

Kotaku is seriously out of touch with the gaming world, it's too apparent now

TheKindRoost1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

funny thing is, they are among and often the first ones to write those kind of bs.

CommonSense1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

we don't see one a week that reaches 1000 degrees. that's an exaggeration.

the smarter opening comment should be...what's the point of an article that talks about potential articles?

this is such a pointless read.

plmkoh1993d ago

This is a funny article, because it talks about the likelihood of a "Vita is Doomed" event, when they themselves contribute the most articles about it.

andibandit1993d ago

We need to move onto "Remember the vita?" articles, a console/handheld can only stay doomed for so long.

Darth Stewie1993d ago

Ignore Kotaku they seriously are nothing but a flaimbait site that does not report accurate news. FFvs13 being cancelled is a perfect example.

DragonKnight1993d ago

Just vote Kotaku down. Click on the + beside their name, click "WTF?" under story quality and click "No" under "like this website?"

The more people do that, the less Kotaku crap we have to see on this site. I don't even bother to read the articles they post anymore, I just vote them down right away.

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GodHandDee1993d ago

Does he read articles on the website he works at?

Kran1993d ago

Does anyone who writes for a site? lol

jtenma1993d ago

He doesnt work for Kotaku -.-

CandyCaptain1993d ago

Don't disagree with jtenma. If you checked the article, he clearly doesn't work for Kotaku. It's a community article written by Domini N. (A frequenter of the site) It's the equivalent of the blogs/opinions here, only difference being it gets put with the rest of the news.

NoGunz1993d ago

There have been hundreds of "Vita is doomed" articles.

-Mezzo-1993d ago

Maybe the guy is not familiar with N4G, because "Vita is Dooooomed' articles are all over this place.

Tidybrutes1993d ago

HAHAHA is this journo living under a rock or something? lol

Im bored of all the doomed articles myself.

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