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Asking players who ponied up a premium sum for Street Fighter X Tekken on launch day for an additional purchase might be deemed unreasonable.

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JRPGLuva2053d ago

Coming out the same time as Persona could be trouble...

madmad2053d ago

For SFxT? That's already tainted for most players.

I think Persona buyers are a different soft of fighting game fan. More like the people who dig Blaz.

Mocat2052d ago

I cant even believe they are still thinking about doing dlc for this game

come_at_me_bro2052d ago

Well this was not only planned before the game came out, it was finished and locked on the PS3/360 version discs.

RaptorMan2053d ago

Whats with the "Street Fighter x Tekken DLCAsking"???

CharmingMan2053d ago

They need to fix gems and the Xbox version, then I'll think about forking over some money.

sharpsword2053d ago

I'm not giving any more $ to Capcom until they change their ways.

No more yearly editions.
No DLC on disk.
No paying for color swaps.

I'll give you $60 for a game if you don't dick me around.

Biohazard88602052d ago

Crapcom wont be getting any of my hard earned $.

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