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Willits ‘Proud’ of RAGE, Despite Driver Debacle at Launch

GameFront: Almost a year has passed since the release of id Software’s last major game, RAGE, and its difficult birth on the PC. The launch even prompted an apology from studio co-founder John Carmack during his keynote speech at QuakeCon 2012.

We caught up with Tim Willits, id creative director, during the convention and spent a few minutes talking about RAGE with him — what went wrong with the game’s PC launch, and what he and the rest of id thought they got right with the game. (PC, PS3, Rage, Xbox 360)

Relientk77  +   965d ago
Rage is an amazing game. One of the best of 2011
Whitefeather  +   965d ago
It is.
brettyd  +   965d ago
pump the brakes kid..
Timmer  +   965d ago
It was a good game, but certainly not one of the best.
Whitefeather  +   965d ago
He didn't say it was a fact we just think it was. Opinions differ.
MysticStrummer  +   965d ago
Rage is a mediocre game. One of the most overrated of this generation.
EVILDEAD360  +   964d ago
Loved every minute I played of Rage..didn't finish because it came out in the middle of a zillion great games around the same time..Elder Scrolls put the nail in the coffin for my gaming time for the rest of that year and beyond.

It should have received more love, there were times I was in awe at the gorgeous graphics..

They should be proud..

Mr Blings  +   965d ago
the pop in on ps3 version drives me crazy though. has made me put it down even though i had been enjoying the game otherwise
sandman224  +   965d ago
Rage was a fantastic game. I love the controls and gameplay, let's not forget the beautiful graphics. Great job carmack.
brettyd  +   965d ago
what version did you play? because the console version has insane amounts of pop in and it makes the game look terrible.
AO1JMM  +   965d ago
I have the 360 version and there is far from " insane amounts of pop in".
pandehz  +   965d ago
If they could fix the pop in completely it would be one helluva game. Also the ending needs a massive tweak

Besides that RAGE is a beautiful looking game, if not one of the most beautiful looking game and a good example of tech and art combined. If only the tech was glitchfree.

Also the gameplay was fun with solid ai and fun shooting aspects.

Wish all the best for DOOM4. Show us again what id is capable of
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MidnytRain  +   965d ago
"massive tweak"

pandehz  +   965d ago
AO1JMM  +   965d ago
"Also the ending needs a massive tweak"

It will be called Rage 2.
MacDonagh  +   965d ago
I liked Rage. I thought it succeeded in doing what it was supposed to do which was to provide a fun, interesting first person shooter.
MysticStrummer  +   965d ago
I didn't find it to be fun or interesting. I got bored and have no desire to continue. Just my opinion.
jaklink  +   965d ago
I would be ashamed if I was involved with that game.
jaklink  +   965d ago
It was an okay game, maybe if it was a more daring game, it could have been special.
aliengmr  +   964d ago
Accidentally hit disagree.

This is exactly how I felt about it. Take the weapon/vehicle mods. On the the one hand I was thinking it was really cool, then 3/4 into the game the mods started disappearing. That's only one example, but its a common theme throughout. The illusion of an open world, then BANG, you run into on of the endless amounts of invisible walls.

The story was the anchor that brought it way down for me. Too reminiscent of Fallout. That wouldn't have been a problem if it had been able forge its own identity, but it refused to do that. After giving you a quick and dirty premise the storytelling stops.

In the end I kept waiting for more and it just never came.

Should they be proud? On some level, sure. But RAGE's problems were far deeper than "driver issues" and even "texture pop-in". Its forgivable because its not Doom 4. I really hope they don't delude themselves into thinking they don't have plenty of room to improve.
SyWolf  +   964d ago
Rage was a great game. The story was terrible and the game was linear pretending to have an open world, but the game was just fun to play. Gameplay was incredibly solid and I love that special id sauce on the shotguns. Anyone who thinks the game was over rated is stupid, it was horribly under rated as a whole. There is a difference between pre launch hype and how a game is perceived once it's launched.
Zephol  +   964d ago
Rage its a good game but not a great game
tee_bag242  +   964d ago
The gameplay and AI were spot on in this game, that's all I can say. I've only played a couple of levels and I'm not sure when I'm going back for more. Its just not that fun playing a game with too many cliche's.
InTheLab  +   964d ago
Rage felt unfinished. If they would have pushed the rpg side a little further, the rest of the issues would not have seemed so bad.
Tyre  +   964d ago
RAGE was great, enjoyed it from the start! The story was a little short, but very unique and i loved the Id Vibe to everything, including the best controls and feel in the industry! The graphics are amazing running on a rocksolid 60fps on consoles! U just can't match that. Great game Id Software! I hope RAGE 2 will be made for the nextgen! RAGE deserves a sequel!
seanpitt23  +   964d ago
It was a good game because of the gameplay but had no replay value i completed it got the worst ending in the world and never went back to it. If it had multiplayer then who knows instead we got daft car racing lol.

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