The DuoGroup Is Back With 'Halo 3 Heaven's Door' Video

Some of you may remember the awesome video the DuoGroup released a while back which was a re-make of the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. They're back and with a really awesome Halo 3 video. Halo is such a great story and these guys did an awesome job capturing the emotion behind the action. At one point, you will see an awesome sniping moment that really implies that Halo 3 is all about watching your friend's backs. Check out their new video below. Some of these game companies really need to hire the DuoGroup to make their commercials. So far, everything I have seen from them is better than what the actual companies release.

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Extra Guy3825d ago

well it was good, but not that good. I just didn't really see anything special in particular that caught my attention. Some of the camerawork was very good, but the content and music was meh.