From Quake to Call of Duty – Have FPS’s Changed For Better or Worse?

TGC writes: In a recent interview with Eurogamer, managing director of Nadeo Live! Anne Blondel-Jouin (Nadeo being the studio responsible for upcoming FPS ShootMania) claimed that console shooters that focused on cinematic campaigns were largely responsible for the death First Person Shooter’s in the Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament mould. She believes that as a result games series’ such as Battlefield or Call of Duty focus on entertainment rather than player skill, and try to compete with movies. Has the rise of cinematic storytelling led to the dumbing of a genre? As someone who is more of a casual player of FPS than a dedicated follower, my take is the storytelling is only one element in the shift in gameplay style.

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CaptCalvin2082d ago

It got better, then worse.

Sgt_Slaughter2082d ago

It depends on which game you look at today. CoD is on the Worse end while Halo and Borderlands are on the Better side.

supersonicjerry2082d ago

now why is CoD on the worse end?

2082d ago
glennco2082d ago

because it is a yawnfest in single player

Leviathan2082d ago

I wanted to write something really mean...then I realized you were probably 8 years old. I'm sorry. I had a lot of champagne tonight. If Halo makes you happy, then play the Fu&%in ship out of it. :-)

Sgt_Slaughter2080d ago

Do you really think an 8 year old would play Halo? He would be yelling at people in CoD all day.

Anyway, I think CoD is one of the worst FPS's on this generation of consoles. Sorry that you might have an opinion that is different than mine but a personal attack on me is just plain retarded!

Oh, and have a nice day!

Timmer2082d ago

Well, they've gotten more complex, more refined, and overall a more polished genre.

On the downside, it seems that the market is flooded with them, and very few are good enough to stand out among the others.

The only reason this conversation is happening is because of the oversaturation of FPSs in the market, which causes complacency, which irritates gamers who enjoy the genre, as it makes them feel like they're spending a decent amount of cash for something you feel you already have.

kevnb2082d ago

No. They've gotten less complex and more cinematic.

Zha1tan2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Most games have certainly lost their skill gap since the ushering in of COD4, there only a select few titles out there that can give you that old school feel.

Im indifferent, I enjoy casual shooters like BF, COD etc as much as the next guy but I findthey dont offer any real satisfaction after a while.

I mean wow you seen a guy first and blattted him on a predictable traffic point on a map wow well done....such exhilaration....

Basically its always good to play a shooter with high health which allows for long tense drawn out battles, nothing gets adrenalin pumping like that. The transformers fall of cybertron demo offers such gameplay and its great.

The same can also be said for realistic shooters, your enemy could be anywhere (part of the magic of Dayz, its that sense of not knowing whats out there), even watching you from a secluded spot in a forst outcropping (arma II) then after all the quiet shots erupt out of nowhere and your pinned down prone trying to find the shoter and you know if you stick your head out its gone.

Those games offer a level of tension and in certain situations can give the player an adrenalin rush.

In a way I miss that instead of the insta reward shooter like BF3 + COD, I dont get any satisfaction from either or any adrenalin rush at all.

glennco2082d ago

single player sucks these days, but MP has improved ten-fold. CoD is to blame for the interactive movie style. The Dice followed on EA's orders. BFBC1 was the last good SP BF game. CoD has always stuck to this style since day one. just can't play that style anymore, bores the shit out of me

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