Video game piracy by the numbers investigates online file-sharing sites to determine how badly piracy is affecting PC game developers.

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TuxinTosh3851d ago

ofc the pc gamers will steal the games if they have bought a pc for like 1500-2000 euros dollars whatever they sure as hell know how to get the games for free and when you can get the same bang for no bucks they will go for it thats why mmorpg gams get cash cause you cant well mostly make servers if you haven´t programmed a server for it and those 3d party servers for wow and and those game are so buggy that most people will just buy the real thing thats the way to do it make it easier to get the game then it is to steal it and people will buy it

Dark_Overlord3851d ago

but then consider the specs needed to run crysis, and how many people do you think could actually run it properly? I sure as hell can't.

They wonder why console sales of games are so good. Have they ever thought about the fact that you just buy the game and put it in your console and thats it, no upgrading hardware, no drivers downloading etc thats why consoles sell so many units, its a lot less hassle than constantly having to worry about if your PC can handle the next big game.

Rice3851d ago

i can run it normally, and im using a dell laptop with a crappy ass video card(Ati mobility 1150)...

DTClown3851d ago

They are ruining the industry which in turn ruins it for us all.

Dark_Overlord3851d ago

In my eyes there are 2 types of pirate

The first is the one who downloads everything, gets his consoles chipped , downloads all his films, music etc and refuses to buy anything legitametly. These are the scum of the earth.

The second is the person who downloads stuff to sample it, ie an unknown band, a film they want to buy but aren't sure if they'll like it. And if he likes what he has seen, listened to, played etc he goes out and supports the company by buying the product. These are the type of 'pirates' who I think actually help improve the industry.

I'll admit if it wasn't for fansubs (because there are very few ways to actually see anime where I am), I wouldn't have about 50+ legitametly owned anime video's DVD's etc.

perseus3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

The writer of this article is a news editor at, and he can't even spell correctly? He doesn't know the difference between "highly-reviews" and "highly-reviewed"?

Even highly-reviewed is an meaningless phrase. How can you highly review something? You can highly praise it, you can give it high reviews, but you can't highly-review it.

There are a few more mistakes as well. If this were a blog, I wouldn't care, but this is the Global TV/National Post news website. thatguy_0, are you Alex Blonski? You are an editor. Edit the damned thing.

Bubble and Squeek3851d ago

I'd assume "highly-reviewed" would mean it was reviewed in many places (i.e., something us lesser mortals would phrase "widely reviewed").