Slightly Mad Studios declares Project CARS as 'the racing game with the most advanced graphics'

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has released a new set of community screenshots for its upcoming racing game, Project CARS. As always, the following shots look spectacular and as the company states, the shots below show off the most advanced graphics in simulation racing, including stunning lighting effects, realistic dynamic clouds, detailed 3D trees and plenty of other details that will blow you away. Project CARS is currently planned for a March 2013 release. Enjoy!"

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Jio2052d ago

If you're a real racing fan, go for the PC version. The console versions won't look anything like that probably. I'll be upgrading my PC right before release!

Belking2052d ago

yea but no one wants to play a racing sim on a PC.

2052d ago
specialguest2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Real racing sim enthusiast play their racing sim games on PC. Games like GT5 and Forza are child's play. I'm not saying PC racing sims are better all around games, but it's more realistic and are real sims.

Sure, you could play your GT5 on a 50inch screen with your steering wheel setup attached to your coffee table sitting 6 feet away, but that's really nothing.

Here's a video of how PC racing sim players play, and this 3 monitor/racing chair/steering wheel is not uncommon or extreme either:

This video below is extreme. Resolution 9600x1080. Immersive enough?

ChickeyCantor2052d ago

"Im going to have to agree...I play GT5 on a 50 inch big screen with my steering wheel set up rihgt in front so it feels like im IN the game. Very awesome. "

So then what is my PC doing hooked up to my 52" tv?

PC gaming is awesome!

2052d ago
Puddlejumper752052d ago

@cmonbereal, Too bad you couldnt follow the advice of your name.
1%? way to pull numbers out of thin air.

You say its awesome to play a racing game on a 50inch screen using a racing wheel? I can do that using my PC and it didnt cost me a million to do so..In fact it didnt cost me any more than it did you.

I'm sure many people feel their Kia is great but they wouldnt argue that its better than a Ferrari simply because they cannot afford a Ferrari.

"Its all about immersion"
Someone points out a deeper experience on another platform
"It's all about cost."

What it really is is someone needs to justify their limited experience.

It's like someone who never went to anywhere but Mcdonalds yet thinks they are getting the ultimate in fine dining.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

dumb comment.. pc has about 5 upcomming racing sims and xbox has 1 & ps3 has 1.. Don't talk if you don't know anything..

pc has more racing sims than consoles so if you like racing sims console are not the best to play on. Monitor or hdtv. 360, ps3 or wheel controller. Take your pick. Oh yeah you can't..

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Grap2052d ago

is this the final name?? because it's sucks.

PiccoloGR2052d ago

nope, it's not the final game. They might keep it though as most people already know it as pCars

SlapHappyJesus2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )


Why is that?

morkendo232052d ago

they say FORZA is better compare to PROJECT CARS im sure it is not.

Bonerrr2052d ago

I play the Beta almost every day and it's still not a patch on Forza. It's physics suffer the same problem at GT5, over exaggerated over steer.... turning the car into a car and the back end slides no matter what. It feels like NFS Shift.
Oh wait, same studio............

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CGI-Quality2052d ago

Forza is definitely not the "go to" sim for comparison. GT is not only highly recommended by sim enthusiasts, but actual racers as well, just based on the feel of the cars.

That said, I'm thinking the PC version of Project CARS is going to be something very special!

Lvl_up_gamer2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

GT5 has a very limited amount of cars that have an interior view. If you are looking for a "true sim-like" experience, the first thing you MUST have is an interior view. It's not "sim" if you are driving out of your car.

Only reason I end up playing more Forza 4 than my GT5 is simply I don't have an interior view for some of the cars in my garage.

No Interior View in the Bugatti Veyron? That right there is a crime.

Physics wise GT5 and Forza 4 are ever so similar to each other. Both games run off of outdated hardware where numbers and formulas are suppose to equal real life physics. Both have their strong points but to say GT5 is the "go to" game for sim racing....I would have to disagree simply because if I want to truly submerge myself into a sim, there better be an interior view in the car I am racing with.

Belking2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

You just proved my point as to why people don't wanna play racing games on the PC with that video. How many people do you know with that type of setup? Probably none. Sorry, but more people prefer to play their games on consoles nowadays. Plus, you don't need that ridiculous setup to enjoy the game. That video was not even close to an average PC gamers setup...but nice try though. This is the reason why console games are so popular. You only have to buy hardware once and not keep adding like you have to for the PC.

linkratos2052d ago

There is also the option to just hook up the PC to the bigscreen. Computers are capable of that you know. I don't even PC game, but the arguments against it are pretty pathetic.

Puddlejumper752051d ago

PS3 fanboys... They are constantly proving that they are swimming on the shallow end of the gene pool.
Seriously both of them got owned yet rather than admit it, this kid is like " See thats proof nobody wants to do that." If nobody wanted to do it then that video wouldnt exist.

Just poor people with limited funding trying to justify their limited lifestyle..

If he owned a bicycle he'd argue its better in every way than a Harley simply because he cant afford a Harley so it must be inferior to what he can afford.

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