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Submitted by doctorstrange 1280d ago | opinion piece

What Pisses Us Off About the Vita, Timed Exclusives and PSN Downtime

Sony’s ineptitude, Microsoft’s love of timed exclusives and Sony’s ineptitude again have completely pissed us off. - PSLS (Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, Bethesda Game Studios, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita, PS3)

decimalator  +   1280d ago
Thus far the Vita has been horribly under utlized. The launch was meh, and the past 5 months have been like the past few years for the PSP -- next to nothing. When is Sony going to learn that SOFTWARE sells hardware. People aren't just going to buy it because it's awesome and plays youtube videos.

I agree with Seb about the exclusives, though I also agree with Cam that sometimes the smaller titles need the publishing support that exclusivity brings to be able to publish the game at all. The DLC exclusives are stupid though.
PoSTedUP  +   1280d ago
people are stupid really. it didn't launch around the holidays, so, the sales aren't going to sky rocket just yet, and because it didn't launch around the holidays, you WONT see too much marketing for it UNTIL THEN, and guess what else we have to wait for until the holidays? yep you guessed it, GAMES, tho we did see a good amount followed by a dry couple months. people bitch and complain w/o using their brain, like i have to use it for them or something most of the time.... sales are at 2. something million, it's a $280-$340 handheld in the middle of a recession with not to many games or too much marketing, i think sony will come close to their 10million by march 2013. if you people think they should spend money on marketing for it NOW, please, never pursue business or marketing, you have no idea what's what.
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doctorstrange  +   1280d ago
So according to you people who thought it'd have sold more by now are stupid. Sony thought it would sell more by now and had to cut projections...
PoSTedUP  +   1280d ago
yes. and i guess i wasn't here when sony announced their monthly expectation, i only know of the "10m by the end of the fiscal year" prediction from them. everywhere i look on the internet Sony are ok with how the vita is doing now, it's certainly not exceptional, but for the reasons i stated above, it is doing what it should.
sikbeta  +   1280d ago
Vita haz no gaemz! deal with it, people don't buy the thing because there is no big games for it, IF Sony cared about the Vita not dying (lol) they could have secured Monster Hunter in Japan and some big franchise excluise to help in the rest of the world at least...
extermin8or  +   1280d ago
@PoSTeDUP as much as I love my vita sony did just have to cut their projected sales for the vita; which does imply it's under preforming, you are right we are only 5 months in but the issue they have and I have is not the vita's current performance but how it could be doing better and would be had sony done some simple things differently; we don't need more adverts we needed adverts that explained to people who don't sit on here what the vita was and why you should get one, Nintendo and Microsoft understand this about their products why do sony instead do silly adverts like the Live Action one for Europe.... As they said more games aren't needed but a few of the launch titles should have been released in subsequent months although for me I'm not too fussed about software and think it's doing rather well in this area and it's sony with all their 1st party support I'm sure they wont do another psp and leave us with few exclusives.... right sony?
Ult iMate  +   1280d ago
Sony did like Uncharted GA, Unit 13, Resistance, Little Deviants, Motorstorm RC, Mod Nation Racers, Gravity Rush, MLB'12, Everybody's Golf, WipeOut, Escape Plan. And also in developement LBP, Sly 4, PS All Stars, Soul Sacrifice.
WTF else do you want? More than dozen Sony's games in half a year for Vita. No PSP ever had that much love from Sony.
And also there's Dokuro, MGS HD, Katamari, Rayman, some fightings, a whole bunch of downloadable games. Project Diva f, Persona 4, Assasin's Creed, Ys Celestia Sea of Trees to come.
What more software are you talking about? Don't be ignorant - there's a whole lot of software out there and in developement for Vita. Gamers just turn a blind eye to PS Vita's software.
alexcosborn  +   1280d ago
Sony's piss poor decisions never cease to amaze me.
Haha123  +   1280d ago
Pretty much why they aint first place this gen
AusRogo  +   1280d ago
They are first in bringing original ips and more exclusives though in my book.
LOGICWINS  +   1280d ago
^^The PC actually has more original IPs and exclusives than any other gaming platform on the market.
nukeitall  +   1280d ago

Once crappy culture takes over in the company, it is next to impossible to get rid of it. It would be just like cockroaches that freaken survives every thing.

If you look at the PS Vita, it almost exactly mirrors PSP, PSP Go, and PS3 release!

Thought Sony learned a lesson? Think again!
Ult iMate  +   1280d ago
Sony did like Uncharted GA, Unit 13, Resistance, Little Deviants, Motorstorm RC, Mod Nation Racers, Gravity Rush, MLB'12, Everybody's Golf, WipeOut, Escape Plan. And also in developement LBP, Sly 4, PS All Stars, Soul Sacrifice.
WTF else do you want? More than dozen Sony's games in half a year for Vita. No PSP ever had that much love from Sony.
Sony learned a lesson. And you just an ignorant hater.
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nukeitall  +   1279d ago
@Ult iMate:

Nobody is denying Sony is releasing "some" games for the PS Vita. I'm talking about real support not just internally, but also externally from third parties.

You get them by reaching out to them and enticing them to produce content. Also, the games on PS Vita from first party is mostly just PS3 rehashes.

People need a reason to own a PS Vita. Otherwise, they just play the superior version on PS3.
Ult iMate  +   1279d ago
Oh please tell me about you playing PS3 in the bus or on the train/plane/line/elswhere outside/lying on the sofa in another room, and while in the WC ofcourse.
That is the biggest reason for PSV - I don't need to stop playing big core games in exchange for shallow timekillers, when the PS3 is not available for me. Also downloadable games from PSN suits portable gaming perfectly.

And there's also 3rd party support, you are just been ignorant again.
"Dokuro, MGS HD, Katamari, Rayman, some fightings, a whole bunch of downloadable games. Project Diva f, Persona 4, Assasin's Creed, Oddworld, Ys Celestia Sea of Trees to come." And some more good and nice games that are just not to my taste. Make some research.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1279d ago
@ Ult iMate

I am currently playing some free RPG's on my Samsung Galaxy s3 which are really quite enjoyable. I don't see why if I am playing free entertaining games on my phone I would need to pay $250+tax + cost of games when I am playing some FREE enjoyable games on my phone while, like you say, just riding a bus or train or basically in transit from point A to point B to ensure I am not bored to death because I am not at home to play on my PS3.

I understand your point and agree that if you want to play that caliber of games while in between destinations but at the cost of the PSV and games might be a bit too high in ratio to the amount of time you will actually be using it while in transit.

I just recently spent 1 week in Jamaica and at night when the wife was watching TV, I would use my phone to play some games. If I had a kid, I can see where the PSV would make more sense then a phone since I wouldn't let my kid use my phone and would need their own portable gaming system.

However, Since price and the games library are important, I would probably invest into a 3DS for my kid.

As of right now, I just see the PSV a luxury product if you have the money. Just like the PS3 was when it was first launched before it got a price cut. When the price comes down for the PSV, I can see it hitting mass market and be more attractive to customers.

I wish I had one, I really want one, but I just can't justify the price in relation to what it's offering me right now at this very moment.
nukeitall  +   1279d ago
@Ult iMate:

"Dokuro, MGS HD, Katamari, Rayman, some fightings, a whole bunch of downloadable games. Project Diva f, Persona 4, Assasin's Creed, Oddworld, Ys Celestia Sea of Trees to come."

and none of those games are really worth playing as evident by their sales. None of those games makes it worth owning a $250 handheld.

In fact, I would sooner buy a 3DS.

Let's face it, PS Vita is second fiddle and only get's small side games from 1st party or 3rd party.

As it stands, I just use my smart phone instead of a handheld. On long trips I would just bring my tablet instead. Both plays games, read books and do a lot more than a handheld. Most likely both have a bigger screen too!
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Ult iMate  +   1279d ago
>>and none of those games are really worth playing as evident by their sales.

The old sales argument. Oh, right. Great games are not worth playing just because they are not on Nintendo's platform so they can sell more. You will be playing Mickey Mouse on 3DS, but not Dokuro. You will be playing Resident Evil, but no Gravity Rush, Uncharted or Unit13. You will be playing reharshed ports of Mohun, MGS and Zelda, but not ports of Sly, MGS HD or Oddworld. Just admit it - at least be honest to yourself - you are playing platforms and sales but not games, you are desperately denying great games on PSV for no reason. The sales are just poor excuse of yours. If hypothetically Dokuro, Uncharted, Gravity Rush or any other game would be on 3DS they would magically apeal to you or any other whiners out there in an instant. Just imagine this.

That's the problem with Vita - the hypocricy of whiners.

>>However, Since price and the games library are important, I would probably invest into a 3DS for my kid.
You are just been ignorant to PSV games. That is all. Go make some research. I'm tired posting lists. You guys just don't wanna see. You are simply turning the blind eye. You don't want to buy PSV for the only reason it's not Nintendo. What can I do about that? For now you can hit the disagree button, but that wouldn't change the truth.
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nukeitall  +   1279d ago
@Ult iMate:

The fact of the matter is that you are too busy protecting your favorite company this entire conversation that you can't see or comprehend anything else.

Nintendo has done a wonderful supporting their handheld lately with a proper plan with the type of games people like to see on it for their kids. The device is well targeted.

"you are playing platforms and sales but not games"

PS Vita has completely missed the boat and that is why nobody is buying it. Yes, buying a product is the strongest vouch of confidence and interest a consumer can give.

I wouldn't buy it at a lousy $300 (handheld + memory card) to play those games on it. I would sooner pay half of that and enjoy a 3DS that has far more games.

So yes, sales are related to content and value! It is NOT about what you want, but what the general public wants!!! AND I think the public has spoken.
smashcrashbash  +   1280d ago
Nothing but another stupid rant.A mostly unintelligible rant just like the ones people went on with the PS3. The constant crying about the VITA is getting tiresome. Sony is making more games for it and we have seen many of those games. Crying about it isn't going to make it happen any faster.Sony gave us a ton of games at launch better then the crappy launch Nintendo gave us with the 3DS, where their best game was a remake of a game we haven't played in decades, and as usual Sony people just tossed it back in their face and demanded more. The VITA just needs people who appreciate what they are getting with it. Disagree with me all you like Sony people complain more then anyone else not because more things are being done to them it's just that they complain the most.

@ doctorstrange what's the difference if you have them now or you have them later? What difference does it make if they are available now or they are spread out? They gave you a lot of them at launch and they are available now. So how would spreading them out be better? It would just be more complaining about how few games we got.
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doctorstrange  +   1280d ago
Not giving us as many games at launch and spreading it out so there isn't a drought would have been better.
Tired  +   1280d ago
How? There would be less games and genres to choose from.

I've still got a fair few games to finish on my there's a backlog of games I need to finish on the Ps3 AND all the full titles from ps+.

Now we have sound shapes and lbp next month,those both look like massive time sinks. Games you can get lost in for hours making cool stuff.
PoSTedUP  +   1280d ago
"Not giving us as many games at launch and spreading it out so there isn't a drought would have been better."

having a lot of games to chose from right off of the bat is worse than being limited to a slightly increasing small amount of games? i-i don't understand bro.
extermin8or  +   1280d ago
He's right in terms of stopping people complaining and the media. If they'd drip fed a smaller selection of games too slowly build up the library people would have had the illusion of more releases; hell as Vita owners we might have even ended up buying more software, personally I quite like how they've done it :P if the likes of Warriors Lair hadn't been delyaed it's have been even better :(
doctorstrange  +   1280d ago
Vita advertising (and PlayStation advertising in general) is the most confusing to me. It's really bad, everyone says it's really bad and low sales show it's really bad. But Sony seems to have not gotten the memo...

It's a real shame, because overall they have the best games.
Knight_Crawler  +   1280d ago
Sony logic's: Hey lets build this bad a$$ device with the most advance hardware and spend millions on R&D and when were are done we can go play with those awesome paper clips on Kaz desk.
Redempteur  +   1280d ago
i dunno how you guys have difficulties finding games for your vita ... there are plenty to choose from and a very nice support from psp library so far ... the console is barely 6 months old in some countries ...what are you guys expecting ????
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rpd123  +   1280d ago

They said absolutely nothing about not having any games. They said that Sony should wrench their heads from their asses and get a good ad campaign going.
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extermin8or  +   1280d ago
The advertising had a brief period a couple of years ago for the ps3 where it seemed to know what it was doing Kevin Butler in the usa and just decent adverts here. Then it went downhill again; the live action EU trailers are fine for people who already know about the thing but here's the thing uslot that new didn't need convincing it's all the people that don't really know.... We even said this on the EU PS Blog when they debuted the trailer there and still they made a further 3 before starting to even mention more info in a similar trailer I saw before the Dark Knight Rises the other day; sony seem to use CINEMA advertising alot which is a good thing tbf
insertcoin  +   1280d ago
*looks at clicking on editorial*
*looks down*
*continues to play Sound Shapes*
doctorstrange  +   1280d ago
Awesome game
But not a system seller
Rainstorm81  +   1280d ago
...And being an awesome game isnt enough???

Thats the problem with the Vita, people whine about no games then when games release complain that it not system sellers, when it gets a system seller a new complaint will rear it ugly head.

Its been the same thing all gen, with people/media hating on Sony... All the while giving others a pass

All Sony needs to do is advertise the damn thing, that would help the Cita alot
doctorstrange  +   1280d ago
Well this same post does bash MS, so it's not giving them a free past.

The post is about poor sales, so the question of system sellerness is clearly relevant. The Vita needs to sell well to make publishers money, so they make more games on it, so then we can be happy.

And yes, they need to advertise it already.
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boybato  +   1280d ago
What is your definition of "a system seller" game?
guitarded77  +   1280d ago
Yeah, I'm gonna go back to playing Sound Shapes too.

One thing that does piss me off about Vita is DLC comes as game updates, and when you purchase, you just get the unlock. This wouldn't be a big deal, but memory is F'n expensive, so when you update a game patch, you end up filling your memory card with DLC you may never use... and as I've already said, memory is F'n expensive.
rpd123  +   1280d ago
Shit for real? I didn't know that. There's not a lot of DLC out there for most games but for some games, that DLC could really start to add up. Like you said, memory is expensive.
Blastoise  +   1280d ago
Charlie sheen?
DanielBryan  +   1280d ago
I hate Charlie Sheen.
EDIT:It looks to me that at SummerSlam,Daniel Bryan the best wrestler on Earth,will be reduced to fighting Charlie Sheen in a joke match.Facepalm? Don't mind if I do.
#6.1 (Edited 1280d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
NegativeCreep427  +   1280d ago
I hate Ashton Kutcher.
The only decent thing he ever did was That 70's Show, minus the last 5 seasons.
BitbyDeath  +   1280d ago
The Butterfly Effect was pretty good too
_Aarix_  +   1280d ago
and you're forgetting dude wheres my car
TheUndertaker85  +   1280d ago
Daniel Bryan is crap. Just wanted to add that. The best wrestler on Earth isn't even a wrestler anymore. No, not talking about The Rock. No, not talking about Stone Cold. Talking about Bret Hart. I'd take a broken Bret Hart who frankly isn't anywhere near his prime anymore over the "YES!/NO!" screaming Daniel Bryan any day.
DanielBryan  +   1280d ago
He's a hell of a lot better than people like Cena,Sheamus and CM Punk.BTW,doesn't The Undertaker work less hours a year than Santa Claus? I'm pretty sure WWE force DB to shout YES!/NO! The little kiddies love it.
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TheUndertaker85  +   1280d ago
You know what the real problem is?

People don't actually know what they want. You give them what they want and they beg for more. You give them the more and they expect even more. It's a never ending cycle.

You know the terrible part too? Sony could launch the PS4 tomorrow with all state of the art components, over a hundred games at launch with over half being AAA quality, a new PSN experience to put the old one to shame, BC with PSOne, PS2, and PS3 titles, then slap that appropriate $600 - $1,000 price tag on it justified by all of the above... You know what reactions you'd get? Butthurt people whinning about the high price tag. More whinners whinning about the launch titles. More whinners to bash on the system that exceeds theirs and potentially many PC counterparts to date.

Don't kid yourselves. Nobody really "knows" what they want until it's in front of them, then even then they'll find that one tiny thing to nitpick about. It's the way of the world.

Why not be content with the fact that frankly, Vita is the most advanced gaming handheld on the market? Why not point out that Vita delivered what many consider to be the largest count of software to go with it at launch? Why not point out that the price tag attached to it was by far not what people expected and that for once, a gaming device launched at a LOWER price point than what people were even asking for?

The list goes on and on and on for what the Vita has done right, yet people aren't applauding that.
doctorstrange  +   1280d ago
"Butthurt people whinning about the high price tag."

Here's a thing - some people just don't have much money, that's not being butthurt.

I could be offered a 50% stake in Apple for $2million and that'd be awesome, it'd be a steal considering the company is worth $300Billion+

But I still couldn't afford it...
Redempteur  +   1280d ago
there is a things called justified price ...

Do you expect a ferrari to cost the same as a regular car ? Or will you complain even when you're aware of the differences ?

And if you can't afford it , then it's not teh car manufactere that they don't want to sell a device at a HUGE loss from the start.
extermin8or  +   1280d ago
It is a justified price; hence why i paid the price for my (currently broken) ps3 and my vita that I love. However if you want to sell stuff, justifying the price isn't enough you need it to have a price people can actually afford otherwise you can justify your price all you like but it wont stop you hemorrhaging money and going bankrupt lol and Ferrari's don't sell masses, they sell on a more niche scale but make greater profit per Ferrari, now i can see this is where sony are going witht he vita till it drops in price however with a games console it NEEDS to mass sell else 3rd party publishers will ignore it because it's not worth any other action financially to them; then you get stuck in a vicious circle. However I don't think the Vita needs a price drop as it's not really THAT expensive unlike the ps3 was and as the 3DS launched at a similar price for alot less yes it didn't sell that well but is £230 to £180 ish really all that different?
#7.1.2 (Edited 1280d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
Ult iMate  +   1279d ago
Well, that's the point. Some people cannot afford some game consoles. But instead of honestly say about that, they go whine about BS about "no games" or any other excuse they make, why they so much do not want a device. Don't fool yourself - if you could afford the the console and many games for it, there would be no BS about "no games", because there's plenty of good and great games on a half-year old game system.
#7.1.3 (Edited 1279d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
deletingthis34675334  +   1280d ago
While all this horsepower is nice and all but what games are actually worth buying apart from Gravity Rush, and to a lesser extent, Uncharted? Not many. Modnation is a colossal piece of shit that doesn't hold a candle to the PS3 version, and Resistance is the most generic and boring first person shooter I have ever seen in my life. The rest are mostly ports only 9 people in the entire world would actually buy a Vita for. Wake up, the system in its current stage is nothing special and it will never be until Sony gets their head out of their ass and invest more money into the games worth buying. And by worth buying, I am not talking about 3 more crappy spinoffs for God of War and Killzone.
Machioto  +   1280d ago
Yeah,because quality games are made in days and not a couples of years or lets forget the fact the ps vita has only been out a little over 4 months in the states and EU,we don't need to wait to see if it's gets better.
DivineAssault  +   1280d ago
Im a vita owner & think theyre taking too damn long to release games in the west.. Im content but could be happier if they pushed to get games like Ragnorok & Persona 4 localized faster.. SxT & AC are coming in the fall/winter too.. What to play now? i finished uncharted & gravity rush already.. I dont want ports of console games either...
dorron  +   1280d ago
What pisses me most is the lack of cross-purchase games, I mean, it makes sense to buy once and play in both PS3 and PS Vita.
imXify  +   1279d ago
Rise of Vita - Starting October 2012 <3
Gonna get 6 games this fall :)
DeecodwawShayne  +   1279d ago
Wait so I pay full price for my vita because I trade in old handhelds I never use and finally get one but because you can't afford one or don't want to trade in old stuff you complain at every little things that the vita has to offer so that Sony lowers the price. Why should I have to pay full price and everyone else get £50 or so taken off. I also would like to no if u can't afford a vita why bring out more games your not going to be able to afford those either.

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