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Why has Assassin's Creed never been copied?

In an industry with a lot of parody and piggy-backing, why has Assassin's Creed never been copied?

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iamnsuperman1900d ago

Well it will be pretty hard to copy without looking like it was copied (I am talking about reliving memories part). I am surprised Assassin games set in historical locations hasn't been copied.

RIP_Weazel1900d ago

I thought it was pretty similar to Tenchu. Assassinations in historical locations, etc......

RuleNumber51900d ago

Right yeah that's what I mean. I feel like nowadays, in lots of industries, that when something new and original that is successful comes out, other competitors jump all over the idea and then create their own version of it. You can look at phones, movies, tv shows, etc. So it's surprising no studio hasn't even tried it.

Tired1900d ago

Wasn't ubisoft sued for stealing the whole idea in the first place?

RuleNumber51900d ago

Interesting. So do you think that's why no one else has tried to go that direction with another game?

Tired1900d ago

I believe a sci-fi author wrote a book that included some sort of device that could send an individual into his ancestors past by means of manipulating genetic memory passed through dna.

Sound familiar? That aside...

They appear to have pretty much covered their bases. The gameplay elements are varied and the setting can be drastically altered to suit their needs.

It would be pretty hard for a franchise to come up with a plausable excuse to span various points in history.

Personally I believe the only reason someone hasn't made an AC clone is that it's multiplatform. You would need to make a game that blew it out of the water in order for it to succeed.

Dante's Inferno was made because God of War was never going to make it to xbox. It's a direct copy gameplay wise. Just with different characters. I loved the game but it's a rip-off.

Then you have other exclusives..

smash bros/all stars.


Maybe it's because AC is already so full of other gameplay elements it's hard to pin down exactly what AC is.

Stealth appears in many guises in MANY games.
Parkour exists in a lot of this gens titles.
Shooting an melee have been staples since time immemorial.

It could be said that AC has copied many other games but in doing so has made those facets their own.

What about the latest castlevania? That was pretty much an amalgamation of several games, GoW, Shadow of the colossus etc.
Yet it's elements fitted together well, and didn't really feel like a rip-off. Can you copy a game that is just elements of gameplay taken from other games?

I'm B*ggered if I know either way. And it's 2 hours past my bedtime.

prototypeknuckles1900d ago

its never been copied because ubisoft wants to copy the formula there self and make theyre other franchises just like assassins creed EX: the new prince of persia reboot looks just like an egyptian ac, beyond good and evil is reported to play like ac and from the few screens seen it looks more realistic than the predecessor.

WeskerChildReborned1900d ago

It would be hard to copy something like this without people saying "omg this is an assassins creed copy"

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