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CoD Black Ops 2 Looks Too Camper Friendly

The first trailer focusing on the multiplayer gameplay of Black Ops 2 was released earlier today and although it has generated quite the buzz online, it looks a little too camper friendly. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Irishguy95  +   1119d ago
heh, Cod is camper friendly
ddurand1  +   1119d ago
must be his first COD game.

gameplay encourages camping for that next kill towards your killstreak.
ninjahunter  +   1119d ago
Must be his first shooter**
KillerBBs  +   1118d ago
Two types of players:
Campers and kamikaze.
lag and my grenades take care of the campers...
cloak365  +   1118d ago
I have played cod and tried the camp to get killstreaks and let me say this it does not work
ddurand1  +   1118d ago
camping for killstreaks doesnt work.

camping for kills to reach killstreaks works.

tehre is a difference.
Beahmscream  +   1119d ago
Call of Duty Black Ops: Future Warfare DLC
JBSleek  +   1119d ago
You aren't funny as if you look at Black Ops 1 and then this if you can say besides graphics do they look the same then that is simply crazy.
Grap  +   1119d ago
yah new guns and little helicopter is Creativity.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1119d ago
Every shooter is camper friendly, its way too early to tell if this one will be worse than the others.

Sometimes the game mode calls for camping, like Domination, which sees you set up a parameter around a base that you control. Search And Destroy calls for camping as well, when you are on defense you need to set up and defend the bomb sites.

You will just never please everyone, but I thought the MP trailers looked great.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1119d ago
***"Every shooter is camper friendly"***

No, not for run and gun games. Killzone 2 is the most anti-camper game I've ever played, on consoles anyway.

That MP trailer for BO2 is what they should have showed at E3. I think I may have to take back my claim about BO2 not breaking MW3's launch week record because the recent trailer actually looked sorta good.
ChunkyLover53  +   1119d ago
I played Killzone 2, there were campers in it. You cant have a shooter without some campers. I've seen much worse camping on Battlefield 3, where snipers lay in bushes just scoped in for 10, 15 minutes at a time.

Call Of Duty didn't invent camping, and if your getting camped, your playing the wrong game modes. There are more modes than Team Death Match.
Rainstorm81  +   1119d ago

There is realistic camping like how snipers do in real life (BF3), then there's sitting in the corner in a room on a small map waiting for someone to walk in to Knife them or try and grab an easy kill...ala CoD

I agree there is camping in every MP shooter, to a certain extent but COD is by far the worst offender this gen....


The most anti camper game ive played this gen was Uncharted 2, the weapon set up, multiple routes to any spot made good tactics key....Killzone 2 had horrible Base Camping, other than that it was great...I also agree that the ability to be prone in BF3 leads to camping. Camping wasnt half as bad on BFBC2
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1119d ago

Base camping in KZ2 was a result of uneven teams or people failing to throw spawn grenades.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1119d ago
Yes, there are campers in it, but that doesn't mean it is camper friendly. Anyone can rack up a few kills by staying in one spot in any game. It's all about if games have anti-caming measures in them. Staying in one spot in KZ2 is not recommend at all. Actually I like when people do camp because after they kill me I go after them to get a nice shot to the back of their head and if not I'll tell my squadmates about them so that they can get a free kill. Also KZ2's warzone has objectives changing dynamically that in itself promotes people to move about including campers if they want to continue padding their K/D ratio that is.

BF3 is definitely camper friendly with that prone BS. Prone should never be in a game for balancing purposes alone, unless if you are trying to make a simulator of course.

No one is saying CoD invented camping. Camping is actually nothing more than a tactic. Camping is an unfavored tactic, one obvious reason is that it's a boring thing to do especially if everyone is doing it. Nothing gets done if everyone is camping.
Ducky  +   1119d ago
The solution you've given are:
A.) You know where they are so you're prepared
B.) Tell your team-mates

You can do both those things in virtually any shooter.
KZ2's warzone was an objective-based mode. Most objective-based modes have less campers (or well, unless you're around the objective). Play TDM, and there'll be no shortage of campers.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1119d ago
^^^ I was giving 2 quick points. I didn't want to go in depth as this isn't a killzone article.

Camping in KZ2 is definitely not the most efficient way to rack up kills in KZ2. KZ2 doesn't have a TDM mode unless someone creates a body count only match and people usually pick the radec academy map when making a body count only match because the map doesn't favor sniping and camping in a room to kill anyone that enters it isn't effective because players have high health/guns don't have low recoil so players actually have a chance to kill a camper even when caught off guard. And you can add that as C) on your list.
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GammaSix  +   1119d ago
of course, no recoil and guns do the same damage and we all know there is gonna be some overpowered nonsense

i also cant believe they listened to crybabies about "panic knifing" because theyre too incompetent to atleast have decent reaction skills
Kaos_Vll  +   1118d ago
HA! i see someone's mad they won't get anymore easy panick kills!
AO1JMM  +   1119d ago
Call of Duty Camper Ops 2
Hufandpuf  +   1119d ago
Set up the tent and cook some smores!
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AO1JMM  +   1119d ago
In a month of release YouTube will be over run with BLOPS 2 booster videos and hacker videos. LOL
Swiggins  +   1119d ago
Mmmmmm Smores! =D
Gaetano  +   1119d ago
Activision should just give up: people will always find the dumbest things to criticise. Too camper friendly? Based on what? Second-long clips of maps and combat from trailer? *facepalm
CanadianTurtle  +   1119d ago
The problem with MW3 is that it has set the world record for worst laid out maps in the history of FPS games, and gaming in general. Not only are the maps terribly structured, but they look really bland and stale. The environments for each map are all set in really boring and uninspired settings. Just a bunch of areas with a lot of rubble.

MW3 messed up on the aspect that everyone least expected. At least for gun-balancing, it can be fixed with patches. But maps? Too late once it's released.

I'm not saying that I want black ops 2 to have a lot of camping spots, but I want to be able to feel safe sometimes at the very least. Unlike MW3 where you literally weren't safe during most parts of the maps. There would always be too many ways for people to get to you, therefore being prepared for your enemy still wouldn't be enough. I did get used to the maps at one point, and I can say that I'm very good at the game. So, nobody can tell me that I'm bashing this game because I suck at it. I'm good at the game and I know what I'm talking about. The maps in MW3 are horrendous.

Also, I'd like to say that Treyarch has always been great at making maps that not only compliment the gameplay, but also look nice too! I found that Treyarch has always been great at making some creative maps. Like Nuketown for example. I found it cool to have a map set in a bomb test-run area. I found Firing range to be a funny one too since a "firing range" is initially supposed to be a place where there is no man-to-man action. Same with the rocketship level where the spaceship blasts off during the middle of the match!

Sure their games are made on an inferior engine, but I'd say Treyarch's creativity makes up for it.
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gazgriff2k12  +   1119d ago
agreed the maps in mw3 for me are the worst maps ive every played in any game lots of things wrong with them like you pointed out. my biggest problem is there so boring so are the guns, perks and killstreaks boring boring boring. black ops to looks good enjoyed the first one cant wait for zombies
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EditorAtGNG  +   1119d ago
Wow, this actually looks pretty cool.
Strakken  +   1119d ago
Why do people act like campers are unkillable gods?
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1119d ago
Well the way the spawns are in BLOPS and MW3, you could be killed 3-4 times in-a-row without being able to shoot one single bullet.
Strakken  +   1118d ago
Well Sounds like people don't learn from their mistakes
Kaos_Vll  +   1118d ago
no, it sounds like you have never been spawned in the same spot 3 times in a row, right in front of a campers sight. bad spawns are one of the biggest complaints from cod fans, as well as bad hit detection and lag.

not much you can do about where you get spawned.
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CrimsonessCross  +   1119d ago
Modern Warfare 3 maps WERE and in my opinon still ARE horrible. I stopped playing that game, traded it in and had no interest in maps being release if this was the influence to the game.

There should always be spots to bunker down on maps, it gives that person or even their team a point of tactical advantage. If you have a team working together and keeping their spots, you would be able to pretty much end the game right then and there, but with the Modern Warfare 3 spawns and map layout it just wasn't possible. I'm not talking spawn-camping either, I am talking about map control.

In Modern Warfare 3, the game was quite run and gun friendly and all the core maps had one level to them. There weren't that many two or three story buildings that were accessible and by that I mean all the floors so the maps seemed smaller and much less open so it made the map flow less and more of a rat maze. I don't mind run and gun but the maps weren't just as expansive and had no variation to them like Modern Warfare 2 or even Black Ops.

In Black Ops, there was at least one or two buildings you could go up a floor in and if done right you can keep the map locked down quite well and hold your point. If you didn't hold down the maps at least there was other points of interest on the map instead of elevated single floor hallways and alleyways. There were also walls, if you heard or noticed someone and they ran to the other side of the wall it wasn't hard to take them down.

In the end, all variations of the way people play should be an option and not an exception.

EDIT: Forgot to mention pretty much what Strakken brought up. Campers ARE kill-able but you need to decide on how to deal with it. You have the tools, now figure it out.

In addition, CoD died for me at Modern Warfare 3 and I didn't even buy it as it was a gift. This game does look like it would be quite fun, I am just not interested in CoD Elite though as I won't pay up-front for something that might not even be that great.
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venom06  +   1119d ago
it looks like Homefront with no vehicles and Ghost Recon weapons... won't get caught up in the hype this year..
arbitor365  +   1119d ago
Question: how do you know if a COD game will be camper friendly?

Answer: well, duh
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The_Infected  +   1119d ago
Don't you have thermal view or whatever it is to see campers through things?
artdafoo  +   1119d ago
So now you really can just sit in a corner and wait thanks to being able to see whos coming around the corner, lol thanks Treyarch. Just when you though COD couldnt get any worse. This is a deffinate no buy.
Strakken  +   1118d ago
Or they guy coming around the corner could see whos sitting their waiting, toss a nade, or a flash, and take them out. Or think of a multitude of different things to deal with the situation
Zha1tan  +   1119d ago
brb every arcade military shooter is camp friendly these days.
urwifeminder  +   1119d ago
Wow another whinge fest most gamers on here seem to play one handed with a thumb in the mouth, in a real life war situation you walk in a room dont clear it call the enemy a camper cause he shot you lol.
DieCamperDie  +   1119d ago
As I saw in the gameplay there was no balconys/windows to be camped in, The most camped out COD was MW2.. Through my experience watching the video I was watching the mini-map and there was a shit ton of ways to flank the enemy.. if your not retarded you can flank to! I personally liked the gameplay alot, finally something different well done Treyarch also for the aussies who will buy BO2 beware of the clan flyN ... they will fu.ck you the fu.ck up.
CrimsonessCross  +   1118d ago
Heh there NEED to be windows, well not really, but I hope they keep to their own map design and don't use the logic that Modern Warfare 3 did with their maps .It's not all that hard to toss a grenade or if someone is idiot enough to remember they are in that building, window or just the area in general if they are goofing off and catching people there. Maps are really fun with vertical gameplay to them.

Modern Warfare 2 was THE first CoD game I was addicted to, camping or not before the Danger Close, OMA Tubes and the MLC combo. I don't even think I camped AT ALL in that game for the life of the game. There's only a couple maps I can think of that promoted doing it and that was Estate and Skidrow, but even on Estate it's open enough to flank the team with the elevation advantage if the enemy team isn't paying attention or you can slip by with the rest of the team so you don't spawn elsewhere.
Rock_On_PS4  +   1118d ago
camping in games is the only way to get a high kill rate.
the camper can not be detected he is invisible and he takes everyone out with his sniper rifle with deadly 100% accuracy.
10 to 14 year old kids have endless time to camp online games.

haters are only jealous of the campers. accuse the other player(s) of being a cheat or camper because they beat you.
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DieCamperDie   1118d ago | Personal attack | show
jagstatboy  +   1118d ago
lolz at people complaining about camping. I never do it, but if you get killed by a camper, then you need to learn to move around better.
Straightupbeastly  +   1118d ago
Can't wait to corner myself in with a riot shield with my X-ray sight gun. Because now you can plant your riot shield. Camping for days
Straightupbeastly  +   1118d ago
But seriously it's impossible to rush in cod and rack up kills unless you're pub stomping. The game has too many things that deceive or trick you like spy planes, but then some enemies are wearing ghost. Same with suppressors and guns without suppressors. Too much trickery and randomness in cod. It's a mess.

As a proud camper, the more you try to give to players yo combat camping, the more we campers use that stuff to our advantage. Stationary players are always safer and always have the upper hand. If these devs want to combat camping they need to take away.
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Sino  +   1118d ago
HRV em~
GhostHero333  +   1118d ago
Every shooter lets you camp. Besides keep camping yall I love wrecking everyone sitting in the corners and hearing them cry about there killstreak. It adds a little bit more fun to my game.

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