Pre-Order bonuses are a crime

Non Specific Action take a stance against pre-order bonuses

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LOGICWINS1932d ago

"For those patient enough to do this and are savvy with their money this won’t be a problem but for those who want to play a game as soon as it releases then it is not on."

The article could have ended right here. In this scenario, your only a victim if you allow yourself to be a victim.

BringingTheThunder1932d ago

not really. they suck for sure but the bonuses usually make their way to everyone eventually through live or psn.

palaeomerus1931d ago

Incomplete? No!

It's a BONUS. Look that word up. It means an extra. A tchotchke. A doodad. It's something, on top of, and outside of the product included in the normal packaged game.

showtimefolks1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I buy every game from GameStop and honestly I never even look for the pre order bonuses cease 99% of he time they are useless items anyway.

What I do want though is make the pre order bonuses available 30 days after launch on psn, xbve etc, so if anyone is interested they can get it.

As a retailer game companies give ou these so you will promote their games IMO there is nothing wrong with that if hey do offer those via dlc for those who want to by

It's bonuses you still get the complete game. Seriously gamers complain about every little thing

MWong1931d ago

That would be a great idea. All compnaies should sell their pre-order bonuses 30-60 days after game launch and price depending on the level of DLC.

showtimefolks1931d ago

Actually many do it already. What people don't get is most f these pre order bonus dlc are nothing worth while unless its something physical

But I hope going forward every game publisher at least offers all the pre order dlc for a reasonable price of 99 cents to $1.99. Since mst f the times ts weapons or armor etc, now if it's actually good story dlc or map packs than $4.99 should be the max price

But like I said I could careless I want to play the game so there is a GameStop close to where I live so that's where I buy majority of my games

DasTier1931d ago

I wish preorder bonuses stated exactly that, especially ones that gave you a specific camp or armour type in halo, it always adds to the individuality and stops everyone looking the same.

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