Do We Use The Word “Casual” Too Much When It Comes To Gaming?

The term casual apparently has a lot of different meanings, but it’s treated as a four letter word when it comes to video games. Admittedly, I don’t fully understand or agree with what a casual game or casual gamer actually is. I mean, these are just video games after all, how can they be anything but casual fun? Yet somehow gamer’s use the term casual as a way to attack anything that they don’t enjoy or think is “hardcore” enough. At this point, it’d be easier to list the games that haven’t been called casual, rather than list the ones that have had that label applied. I’ve heard Call Of Duty, Halo, Uncharted and Super Smash Brothers all called casual at one time or another this generation. The question begs to be asked, Do we throw around the word “casual” too much when it comes to gaming these days?

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Hufandpuf1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

think of it like this: If gaming was football, hardcore football fans would be into it. Then there are people that just watch it sometimes but do not follow the stats players like the hardcore fan does.

versusALL1957d ago

That's a great example.

napoleon10661957d ago

Yeah... we use it pretty casually.

NastyLeftHook01957d ago

No. Because Casual Games are in fact casual. And casual games are being casually released on a casual basis to the casual gaming fan, this has been a casual occurrence lately.

ChunkyLover531957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

What exactly is casual to you? I think everyone has a different idea, and if you read the article, it pretty much says that people tend to use the term "casual" only when it suits them for arguments sake.

Personally, I play whatever I want and I'll be dammed if I'll let someone label me.

You answered nothing, I mean I've heard people claim that almost every game is casual. I tend to look at people who only play Facebook games as casual, but sometimes that can lead to other types of gaming.

NastyLeftHook01957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

casual games are games that are casual. just like my answer, im casually answering it.

Reverent1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I agree with Tenton to an extent. While anyone can play any game to a point of being considered hardcore, there are games that simply belong to the casual genre. Angry Birds being a good example. It's a game that while designed with the casual gamer in mind, anyone can play it to a hardcore extent.

So really, does any of this even matter?

Outside_ofthe_Box1957d ago

Plying casual games doesn't automatically make you casual. If you play causal games and hardcore games you are a hardcore gamer as long as you play regularly.

If you only play games cusually (doesn't matter the type of game) or if you only play casual games (doesn't matter if you play it 10 hours straight every day every week) then you are a casual gamer.

Casual games are games that lack depth. They are games that are best played for a quick match/round or two or games that are only good for playing when you got family and friends over.

Hicken1957d ago

Well, first off, it should be noted that there's a difference between casual games, and casual GAMING.

Gears of War is not a casual franchise, but a core one. Still, if you only play it every now and then, and are not really into it, you play it casually. And if your interest in gaming falls along those lines more often than not, then you are a casual gamer.

Angry Birds, as Reverent notes, is a casual game. It is designed to be played in a casual fashion. However, if you play it for five hours a day, you're most definitely NOT playing it casually.

Here's where things get a little tricky:

If you play core games, but only play them casually, you're a casual gamer. Why? Because your interest in gaming is casual.

If you play casual games, but are into them hardcore, you're STILL a casual gamer. Why? Because the games you're interested in are casual.

These two things only work if you're ONLY playing one or the other. If you play a mix of both, you can't automatically be called casual OR core; it then becomes an issue of how frequently you play, of how intense your interest in gaming, overall, is.

Of course, this calls into question the status of individual games: is Call of Duty casual or core?(I'm inclined to say it leans far more toward the former than the latter.) What about FIFA or Madden?

It's not a super simple answer, but nor is it as complex as it seems.

Outside_ofthe_Box1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

CoD is casual IMO becuase the game has a small learning curve and is too arcadey. Same with madden. Madden is not a very a good representation of a football game. It's too arcadey. That is actually why madden is so popular. There are certain WR routes, defensive calls, and juke moves that always work and the madden devs keep it that way to please the madden fans (the ones that buy it every year) so that they always feel at home.

FIFA is both core and causal. Same could be said for most sports games (with madden being one of the few that is actually a casual game and not core at all imo). FIFA represents soccer very well. While it isn't a simulation (at least not yet), it is very close to one. Casual futbol can pick this game up and enjoy. Even hardcore gamers that aren't soccer fans can appreciate the depth of FIFA's gameplay and career mode.

ChunkyLover531957d ago

Madden, COD and FIFA games all have a ton of competitive leagues though, I don't consider any of those games casual in the least. Sure they might be easier to pick up, but I promise you they are a lot harder to MASTER then people give credit.

Play any Gamebattles and you'll know exactly what I mean, so often you'll run into someone who thinks they are the bomb, but when they play against teams that run tactics and use call outs, its a totally different story.

Those games, COD in particular have the most teams for competitive play, and MLG.

Outside_ofthe_Box1957d ago

When it comes down to it any game is hard to master since mastering something takes time and dedication. With that said, there are too many shooters past and present that has more depth than CoD for me to consider CoD hardcore. Same with madden. When I look at 2K5 there is no way I can see madden in the same light in terms actually representing football.

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