Black Ops II Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

November is fast approaching and you know what that means... the annual Call of Duty is hitting store shelves. Haters are going to hate but this one could be a game changer for the franchise.

Branching single player story lines, Zombies with a versus mode, Strike Force, and a Multiplayer portion that is said to not disappoint sounds like Treyarch put in some overtime with this one.

Now the premier Multiplayer trailer has arrived:

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PockyKing2145d ago

This looks really good, I'm honestly surprised. Way to go Treyarch!

mpettit912145d ago

I'm stoked. Couldn't peg that for a CoD game if it didn't have the label.

CarlosX3602145d ago

I'm not a fan of Treyarch's games, but Black Ops 2 looks so freakin' CLEAN.

StayStatic2145d ago Show
Ares84HU2145d ago Show
raytraceme2145d ago

Great trailer but I can't believe they would blatantly copy the song from ubisoft's game as staystatic pointed out :S

Thankfully the guns are way better than black ops. I could remember how in bo the guns all sounded and felt the same which really made the game boring. Good to see some change. Also hopefully there will be a moab would be fun in bots.

Mustang300C20122145d ago

@ ares84hu

Such an obvious and weak analogy.
My 2012 5.0 says differently than the 2010 4.6 liter.


I still see a lot of stuff that I don't like... Cheap habilities like seeing people through walls (0:20) and smoke (0,26), even cheaper gadgets as portable shields, directional sound turret and quadrotors UAV spies (I hate MAVs on BF3 and I'm a recon guy!).

And as usual a pre-order bonus announce at the end. But every game now is like this, DLC before even launching...

But at least a lot of stuff there compliment the setting this time, afterall it's set on the future, not trying to necessarily reach for realism.

My last COD was 4, so I may be out of touch, but I see some evolution there, finally! If it's not so crazy fast and cheap as other COD games I may try it, but gotta see more before taking the plunge.

Sono4212144d ago

@ Ares84HU
Exactly what do you expect from a sequel if you're going to use that phrase for this game. This game changes so much in the cod franchise its insane. They're bringing so many new things to the table in multiplayer alone, there's still zombies and even single player to check out yet, but for some reason there's people here saying things that imply this is just like the other cods. I Mean I know there are alot of idiotic people on here but this is just being ignorant. This cod sequel has more changes than most franchises today do. Stop being a blind hater for once.

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JellyJelly2144d ago

Same procedure as last year.

"That overproduced trailer looks so different and new"

...3 weeks after release...

"It's the worst COD ever. Online is broken and all the perks are an unbalanced mess. Quick-scoping, turbo-knifing etc. etc. I'M NEVER BUYING A COD GAME AGAIN!"

SolidStoner2144d ago

first cod game that I really really dont like!


ya ya, it looks all new and dazzling... which is what it's meant to do and this is what they do each year with cod.

It looks better then MW3 and why wouldn't it but what about all the stuff we never see in the trailers.

How much bullet lag, lag compensation are we going to get this time?

How crap is the spawn system going to be this time?

How big or small are the maps really going to be ? If they are designed as badly as MW3's launch maps, it will only make me hate them more.

bottom line is I have been bitten on my arse too many times now with cod. Does not matter what new gimmicks they add or change, if some of those basic issues are not sorted it's just going to be endless frustration all over again.

Nice trailer, but I think I will pass..

StayStatic2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Flagged for trolling when I wasn't ay , all because I criticised your precious little call of duty , fuck you and this shitty fanboy site tbh.

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grahf2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

In before the hate!
Gameplay looks great, can't wait to see all the customization that we can do, from guns to emblems... Select Fire mode? Finally...

Yeah! The Disagree train has pulled into the station!
This reveal is going to make EVERY HATERS DAY!

Grow up, move on to what you like.

lastofgen2145d ago

What? You can't take some disagreement? Get over it, that's what opinions are for. Surely, you don't want to see everyone getting 100% agrees on what you agree on and 100% disagrees on what you disagree on??

LOGICWINS2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

If everyone agreed with everyone, the world would be a boring place full of pushovers.

EDIT: Btw, game looks great IMO.

ZombieNinjaPanda2145d ago


Nope. Either you like call of duty games, or you're a hater, as every 12 year old would say.

grahf2145d ago

Oh I'm always up for disagreement, especially when a good discussion is the result! I'm always willing to try to see others' point of view.

My edit was in response to a number of stealth disagrees, and towards the people that get nothing but sheer joy on hating the game & series. Its a F2P game all in itself that Activision should try to capitalize on!

KillerBBs2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

get rid of the knife. this is a shooter game... and who ever brings a knife to a gun fight, is a idiot.

In my Nacho Libre voice: Aren't you tired of dying when your shoe laces get cut ... while blasting off rounds from your AK at the dudes face.

The knife should do damage.. not lethal injection!

Or it should be a take down move... like the ones ive seen in prison. Not Carl Lewis poking people with a hat pin!

KillerBBs2144d ago

Ok.. Leave the knife in... retards that cant shoot need something to do too.

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mafiahajeri2145d ago

It sure as heck looks better than MW 3. Although some of those thins may get annoying like that disrupter thing.

-Superman-2145d ago

Same gameplay, same grahpic... Just new reskinned weapons, new maps and some new thing, but nothing else is new.

THE_MACGREGOR2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

well tech. your wrong. its not the same gameplay, perhaps you missed those new killstreaks ? with uh your xray vision there superman ? new weopons for starters i havent seen a bolt action rile (un scoped) in a while.
new grenades . shields are a first in a treyarch call of duty that also indicates new game play.

DirtyLary2144d ago

They are seriously running out of new ways to make the same ole gadgets and abilities look new.

2144d ago
iGamerZERO2144d ago

Agreed !

Going with MOHWF & Halo 4 this fall.....COD Burned out and just the name makes me roll my eyes ans say its Madden year after year.....

bobshi2144d ago


They didn't show a single killstreak in use that is from their previous games - so how about you 'be real'?

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FanboyPunisher2145d ago

I know one thing, ill me smart enough to avoid COD again, like I did with MW3.

Suckers, game is all the same. This black ops 2 looks terrible, like a cod/halo unrealistic noob mix, i'm done with COD, RIP.

Activision just wants to MiLK mILK MILK its customers every year with COD, for profits.

Dont support COD.

Sargerus2144d ago

And EA just wants to milk its customers every year with BF, for profits.

The whole "Military FPS" genre needs to die.

SeekDev2141d ago

I'm also going to hold off for about a month after release of the new Medal of Honor and Battlefield. Battlefield 3 wasn't what I was expecting.

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Conzul2145d ago

Yeah, normally I'm a CoD hater but this looks pretty good.

Conzul2144d ago

@ 3GenGames

My what now?

Wuu2145d ago

It's always looks good, until you get hit buy lagy online, death behind corners and all that frustrating stuff.

Second year in row, will buy cheap PC version, play singleplayer and zombies, and never play MP.

PockyKing2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

No, MW3's online never looked good IMO, the maps are all drab and lifeless aside from a few that they've recently come out with. Mw3 is my least played Call of Duty.

grahf2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Forget my last bubble for discussion with anyone. I watched the trailer again and my mind was blown at the end, which was the beginning but with the commentary/play-by-play (the ability to watch live matches will be pretty cool in itself)

Look at the top. 3 scores.
Win. Pure win.
I'm only spying 6 red dots, so 3 vs 3 vs 3?

TekoIie2145d ago

*Watches trailer*

Thats Call of Duty?!?!?! Sci-fi + COD = AMAZING! You know i actually wasnt going to buy this COD but now i gotta move some money round to get it lol!!!

DeadlyFire2144d ago

I see a little mix of Halo/Uncharted with personal decals and multi team deathmatch. I hope that means it goes up to more than just 3 teams, but even if only 3 its an improvement. Would be nice to have 4 teams of 4 going at it. 16 player chaos.

Beahmscream2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Black Ops 1 Future Warfare Expansion

CanadianTurtle2145d ago

I cant believe that you got that many disagrees. I think it looks lightyears more fun than MW3 ever hoped to be.

user54670072145d ago

and yet people are falling for the same crap again

A month after BO2 releases

"The multiplayer sucks"

Untill MW4 is announced

"The multiplayer looks great, so much better then the last one"

A month after MW4s releases

"The multiplayer sucks"

Untill Black Ops 3 is announced

...and so on

PockyKing2145d ago

This is the biggest advancement in COD since 4, you don't need anymore than a trailer like this to see that, not that it's saying much or anything, but it's still a new look, new game and will fulfill the fans needs.

user54670072145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Oh for the love of god people said the same thing about Black Ops compared to World at War and people still found it crap

People said the same thing for MW2, about how it looked like an "advancement" from MW and the same for M3 compared to MW2...and guess what happens people always say the same thing a month after launch

"It wasn't that good"

The cycle is just repeating and people are going to be suckered into buying what looks like en expansion to Black Ops instead of buying other titles coming out this fall which actually deserve to be bought.

2144d ago
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GammaSix2145d ago

still no recoil and all the guns do the same damage -_-

JKelloggs2145d ago

All the guns? So you saw every single gun in that trailer? Wow, I didn't :s

GammaSix2145d ago Show
CarlosX3602145d ago

COD didn't have recoil? COD4 says hi!

AdmiralSnake2145d ago

So why watch the trailer then ? Like Kelloggs said, you didn't see all the guns. Actually some of the guns in the game have recoil, remember the stoner in Black ops ?

Massive amount of Recoil.

HammadTheBeast2145d ago

It was a goddamn LMG too, of course it would have recoil, and it has about the recoil of a sidearm.

DarkTower8052145d ago

@Hammad, the 240 SAW is an lmg with little recoil in REAL LIFE! Modern weapons actually have VERY LITTLE recoil. Something tells me the people complaining about recoil have never shot weapons in real life, and airsoft doesn't count lol.

MattyG2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

You think equipping the knife is a "fail"? It reduces panic knifing, one of the most annoying things in any MP.

JKelloggs2145d ago

One of the most wanted thing I've wanted on CoD

torchic2145d ago

how is knifing "annoying" especially in a faced-paced MP like CoD? it allows the game to flow really nicely I think.

if you have the reaction times of a donkey then tough for you. I don't see why they changed it, nobody complained about knifing.

waiting on the disagrees to shower me.

MidnytRain2144d ago


"...nobody complained about knifing."

What planet do you live on???

DrRichtofen2145d ago

It's the year 2025 in blops 2 you'd think all guns if not most would hardly have any recoil by then.

CarlosX3602145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

A lot of movies that take place in the future have guns that have recoil.

Dlacy13g2145d ago

It's 2012 and we still have plenty of guns that all have varying degree of recoil. What makes you think in 13 years we will get rid of most of the recoil from projectile firing weapons?

LOGICWINS2145d ago

"A lot of movies that take place in the future have guns that have recoil."

Ummm...sooo? Black Ops 2 MUST abide by the same fictional rules as the movies you watch? lol

JKelloggs2145d ago

The people shooting the guns probably have the strongest arms, and are built like a brick s*** house, and can compensate for the recoil, ever thought of that???

How is the equipping the knife a fail? If anything it's a pro, other than a con, think of how many quick-knifers it stops? A TON!

DirtyLary2144d ago

..and the lemming race to buy it

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TheSuperior 2145d ago

This looks a lot better then i thought it would. I loved the first black ops multiplayer and this looks like that multiplayer revamped and revised. I cant believe i am saying this again but i cant wait!

Hufandpuf2145d ago ShowReplies(2)
MerkinMax2145d ago

Did I see him equip the knife before using it? Winning!

lastofgen2145d ago

Sorry, but it looks like any other cod game with a new skin and different weapons. Good thing they got a good marketing team though.

youndamie2145d ago

Lol what did you just watch