New Ouya images show off console, sleek controller

Fresh images of the upcoming open source console have been released. What's immediately apparent from these images is that the console itself is extremely small. We're not sure if the person holding the controller just has giant hands, but the controller also looks rather small too.

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ashbc1899d ago

Wow, the console is really small.

Splooshington1899d ago

That's because the tech inside is basically a mobile device. Anything bigger than what's there would be useless space.

ashbc1899d ago

Yeah, I get that. I was just surprised because it looks bigger in previous pictures.

Splooshington1899d ago

I was one of the many who contributed to the Kickstarter fund. Can't wait for this to arrive.

HebrewHammer1898d ago

Ditto! Did you throw down the extra $ for the Limited Edition console?

swice1898d ago

I wish the best to the creators. I really hopes this takes off

Knight_Crawler1898d ago

SWEET! Anyone know if the batteries are rechargeable like the PS3 controller?

Also I hope that this takes off,always like to root for the little guys.

DaThreats1898d ago

The controllers are bluetooth I believe.

1898d ago
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