Sleeping Dogs PS3 review scores 9/10 in Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Sleeping Dogs has scored a 9/10 on PS3 in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK out this week. Editor Ben Wilson reviewed Square’s open world crime game, describing it as, “the best bits of a load of games you love and pooled together with intelligence and humour”.

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TruthSeeker2297d ago

Thats great! Might have to check it out!

Yi-Long2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

...until I read on gamefaqs that they're planning on a crapload of DLC-milking (23 packs). now I'll just wait a bit to see how that turns out, cause I'm not gonna buy an incomplete game where the developers will be nickel-and-diming me right after it gets released...

BuLLDoG9092297d ago

well that sucks, but doesnt surprise me anymore..

Dread2297d ago

good point dude thxs

I will also wait until i am convinced that they are releasing a full game.

pr0digyZA2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

They have already said that some of those DLC's are free not including the three you get with the game for preordering, plus there is a hiRes pack which is suspected to be a free PC upgrade for graphics (like skyrim).

LOGICWINS2297d ago

Nice find Yi-Long. No way I'm getting this Day 1.

schlanz2297d ago

Game of the year (lol) edition anyone?

SilentNegotiator2296d ago

Thanks for sharing. I'm not getting this day 1, no sir, bob.

da_2pacalypse2296d ago

those are skin packs, not DLC's. who cares about skins? I'll be buying, because activision gave up on it.

Yi-Long2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

... because they used to be simply 'unlockables' in a game, but now we are being nickel-and-dimed to obtain them.

Also, I believe these 'skins' also come with their own 'abilities'. Doesn't the Martial Arts pre-order come with an extra move or something!?

I don't like being nickel-and-dimed.

And I was glad that Activision dropped the game and it got picked up again and is now completed and looking great...

... but the reason I HATE Activision is BECAUSE they're always nickel-and-diming, so when another developer/publisher does the exact same thing, I'm not suddenly going to reward them for it with my money!

I don't support these greedy developers/publishers. I'm a patient guy. I can wait for a big price-drop or for a 'complete' edition, IF I'm still interested in the game by then.

I'll be in Hong Kong this December so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pick it up for 30 bucks there anyway.

Awesome_Gamer2296d ago

I will wait for the complete edition..

Ramses32296d ago

You guys are stupid, this means they're adding little skins and a few weapons, it's not like it will subtract from the game experience by not owning all of these.

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HebrewHammer2297d ago

I'm quite excited for Sleeping Dogs, but magazine review scores (especially the initial ones to come out) are poop.

ColinZeal2297d ago

Yeah, and Official PlayStation Magazine UK? Hmm... risk of slight bias here.

But I want this game to be good. HK is an amazing city!

portal_22297d ago

Bias? It's a multiplat game.

Yi-Long2297d ago

... which is why it's a bit of a shame that the developers only used Hong Kong Island, and left out New Territories, Kowloon, Lantau, and some of the islands.

Especially considering how interesting and diverse those other areas are.

I really hope this game will be a huge succes, so there will be a chance that we get a sequel that WILL have the whole city of Hong Kong, instead of just the HK Island part of it....

HebrewHammer2297d ago

I think for an open world game, islands are ideal.

ColinZeal2296d ago

Oh it´s multiplat? Well then, damn! Psyched for this all of a sudden. Visited a girl in the Midlevels 360 days ago and I´m very interested in seeing how the islands look like in the game.

Maybe we get to see the other parts of HK in a sequel next gen if this does well? Let´s hope so!

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Godchild10202297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Gameinformer gave it a 7.75. I'm still picking the game up, but I'll be playing Darksiders 2 a lot more.

Edit: Projectdeputy, The game couldnt have received a score until the day the game released and I still would have picked the game up. I never base my purchases off review scores.

ProjectDeputy2297d ago

so if gameinformer gaved it 7.74 u wouldnt ?

schlanz2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Never? So if a game that youre anticipating is universally panned and gets a 50% meta score you will still stubbornly purchase it and try to enjoy the mediocrity? Or a game you have no interest in receives universal acclaim you will still avoid it or at the very least won't reconsider?

More accurate to claim not basing purchases off a single review. The wisdom of crowds generally won't steer you wrong when it comes to the ends of the meta score bell curve. The middle ground (or in this case games that fall in the 75-90 meta range) is a little more difficult to go off of.

Krimmson2297d ago

It's funny with Gameinformer. Either I agree with them wholeheartedly or I disagree with them completely.

I still don't understand how these guys could not like the Yakuza games (aside from Dead Souls, of coarse)

Godchild10202297d ago

@Schlanz, I said I don't base my purchases off review 'scores'. I still read reviews and go by word of mouth if I didn't have interest in the game in the first place. Darksiders and Sleeping Dogs are games I've been looking forward to long before screenshots/trailers/gameplay were shown, so no score would change my mind.

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Avernus2297d ago

wow that's better than I thought it was going to get! Great job by Square Enix picking this up after Activision dropped it. I was going to pick it up day one anyway, but this make me even more anxious to get it.

Minato-Namikaze2297d ago

I Refuse to buy a.square.enix game till I get final fantasy vs 13

portal_22297d ago

I'm going to get this and play it until FFV13

Minato-Namikaze2297d ago

Problem is if you keep buying they won't feel the need to release VS. I hate square right now

Baka-akaB2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

makes no sense . They wont know why you refuse to buy it for starters .

It's an eidos title basically

And even with their losses , they got too many stuff selling strong for it to have any impact on Versus or its release .

You are only depriving yourself , but whatever floats your boat

ProjectDeputy2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Square enix only publish the game

the guyz who did this is the devs behind modnation racers

Skateboard2296d ago

More power to you, get Persona 4 Arena.

Lord_Sloth2296d ago

Yeah...Square Enix only paid for the last 10% of this game. The rest was made by...I think Activision, until they decided to drop it during the game's completion phase. Why is beyond me. Probably because it's not CoD.

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