An Open Letter to Toshiba, Paramount, and Universal

Dan Ramer from writes:

It's time

You fought the good fight, but the time has come. The interests of the consumer and the motion picture industry will be better served by conceding and declaring Blu-ray Disc the winner of the format war. It's time to desist and cease all hostilities.

The Warner announcement is having a dramatic effect on the market. HD DVD owners are abandoning their players in numbers disproportionate to the populations of the installed bases for the two formats. As of January 26th, HD DVD players outnumber Blu-ray Disc players on eBay by 4.4:1. And immediately after the Warner announcement was made, weekly retail HD DVD player sales dropped 88% from 14,558 units to 1,758 units, despite very substantial price cuts.

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Ri0tSquad3824d ago

They know whats coming to them, they know losing is inevitable. Still trying to draw in suckers to buy those HD DVD players off clearance. Its all about the money people.

InfectedDK3824d ago

Poor people.. Unaware and buying something thats already dead..

LJWooly3824d ago

I know what you're saying, that it's dead and all... but you have to admit you can get some sweet deals for players and movies.

Like the GameCube!! :D

rawg3824d ago

Universal and Paramount especially need to move on because time is running out. From the article (caps added)...

"And the motion picture industry, for years dependent on the profit center of disc sales, need to sell their back catalogs – PERHAPS FOR THE LAST TIME – to consumers who wish to experience films the way their directors intended."

Once everything goes digital and "on demand," people aren't going to invest in building their library of discs. If they miss this window, the studios will have lost a great opportunity.

Ri0tSquad3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )


InfectedDK3824d ago

Im only interested in when this war ends and HD-DVD stops its failure.. They confuse the customers and sh#te$ on their own only for money.. Its like selling something that already is dead.. and oh poor people and their unawareness.. Go Blu-ray! FTW.

eagle213824d ago

all the other brands are gone (most were NEVER supporters), 76% of hollywood is Blu: and hd dud is the Bad News Bears.....

GodsHand3824d ago

Agree, It they continue to push HD-Dvd people might lose faith in Toshiba in the future. IMO

THE_JUDGE3824d ago

should try and save face and have everyone themselves included back away slowly.

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The story is too old to be commented.