Rage taught id Software they "showed stuff too damn early"

Tim Willits of id Software has talked a little about the misfiring Rage and the upcoming Doom 4. The studio has learnt a harsh lesson when it comes to marketing dos and don'ts.

They gave glimpses of the shooter "too damn early" which ended up warping fan perception. He also admits they're "definitely a NVIDIA shop," and ATI issues hurt them.

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CombatRock19692116d ago

I suppose that is one way to look at it. If you are going to knowingly release a bad game, then you should hide its faults as long as you can to get those first week sales. The alternative, albeit more challenging, marketing strategy would of course be to create a really good game and release it when it is ready.

wallis2116d ago

Rage had solid gameplay, great animation, great gun feeling, and the engine rendered scenery more photorealistically than any other game I've ever seen. Also it's art direction was superb. Admittedly, it's writing was terrible, the ending was worse than an anal prolapse at your wedding and the obsession with 60 fps meant that, yeah sure the mountains, cliffs and various brown rocks look brilliant, but the limited use of graphics forces anything nearer than a metre to look pre-2000.

But overall - since replaying Rage on nightmare I think it's a good game. A good 8/10 that flustered due to poor writing and a severely curtailed length. It doesn't mean they were lazy, or that they were stupid. They're clearly taking on board criticism since they're now moving to 30 fps for Doom 4. That tells me that with some luck and John Carmack's genius Doom 4 might actually look as awesome 1 metre away as it does 10,000 metres away. All we need now is for them to actually write a God damned story line (naming a resistance movement the "resistance" is lazy as fuck. Seriously whoever wrote the game should be forced to sit in a corner and read the Doom novels as punishment).

Overall - I just wanna be optimistic. These guys defined my childhood and I think it'd be great if they actually continued with a strong legacy of competence and innovation. Doom 4 might be that. It probably won't... but it might!

IQUITN4G2116d ago

You don't get many comments on here as excellent as this one

deep_fried_bum_cake2116d ago

"the ending was worse than an anal prolapse at your wedding"

Is that something you've experienced?

They probably did. I was excited for Rage right up until it released and when it did that's when all the games faults came out.

I ended up buying it for £12.49 just a month or so after it came out, so I'm not disappointed, but I can't bring myself to play very far in it.

himdeel2116d ago

Rage was technically good and graphically damn nice but it was just boring. Every mission was a fetch quest. I didn't follow the game at all but when it was $15 on Amazon last Christmas I had to get it.

In 25 years I can count the number of games I bought and sold but did not finish and the number count is 2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Rage. Sigma wasn't hard but cheap and I needed cash for another game but Rage was boring and the story just wasn't interesting enough for me to keep plugging away.

Sigma I can now get on the Vita because I did want to finish it but I wont go back to Rage.

aliengmr2116d ago

I wonder if I happened to just get the ugly version of RAGE. As far as visuals are concerned it was average. At a certain distance rocks looked really good, any closer and everything looked like crap. Idtech4 may be capable of a lot, but RAGE didn't show it.

RAGE was and okay game with, not "bad" writing, but seemingly no writing at all. It had potential but whenever you got to point where that potential was about to be realized...nothing.

Maybe it was better on console. I never thought it was bad, just average. I expected more from Id.

I am not sure how showing it off early had anything to do with it. Also not sure how anyone would not understand vehicle combat. Everything seemed underdeveloped and average, that was my issue. It worries me when devs use excuses like that this for why the game "failed".

I really hope Doom 4 is done much better, but it has a lot to live up to.

himdeel2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

@alingmr You are correct in the graphics weren't as nice as I my previous comment stated. Lots of texture pop in throughout the game but once it did pop in it was pretty nice. Personally the fact it ran at 60 fps I was okay with the pop in so I gave it a bit of a pass graphically but it wasn't ugly.

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MilkMan2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

If a gamer read the interviews, so the videos and read the articles and DIDN'T know what Rage was, then they might have been mildly retarded.

Rage was a great game. It didn't have competitive multiplayer, but not all games need that for longevity, the coop missions where EXCELLENT, but they needed more of them.

ID just simply took a punch in the face and ran home with their tales between their collective legs. Instead of supporting their product and polishing the thing post-release.

So what do they do? Go back to Doom. Which if you remember was not that great last time it passed by these parts.

Carmack has proven over the course of the last 10 years or so that he is brilliant on the technical aspects of creating engines, but is dumb when it comes to the simplest issues such as why do I have to make a choice between a light source and a shotgun (I'm looking at you Doom 3).

With Rage, game ending that was weak, and no support for a new fledgling IP.

It's clear to me now that although John Romero is no great programmer himself. He was the "flair" part of this symbiotic relationship.

Cant keep giving Carmack a pass, cause of Quake.
I'm not even talking about the PC version of the game which for seasoned developers WHICH COME FROM the PC development world to say they "forgot" that their are gamers that play on ATI cars, is ludicrous beyond belief.

Id rather believe in Smurfs.

Strongmad2116d ago

It was a shame that the focus was on console but I have faith in Doom 4 and with the RAGE DLC and possible mod tools incoming I think we will have the game carmac originally intended. I picked it up for £6 on steam sale and look forward to playing it.

.. goes back to playing DayZ

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2116d ago

Even worse is making consoles lead platform and expecting it to look the best 5 years later.

BlackPrince 422116d ago

Showing stuff early was not Rage's problem.

The nonexistent story, the repetitiveness of the enemy encounters, and (on consoles) the lack of some auto-aim to compensate for the analogue sticks were the problems.

himdeel2116d ago

I had to agree and the lack of auto-saves just was irritating. I hadn't been playing on a PC in so long and have been spoiled by autosaves BUT hate there was no quick save for the game either.

MidnytRain2116d ago

Are you kidding? I hate aim-assist. As if the game knows better than I do what I want to shoot at. Pfft.

himdeel2116d ago

My last comment for this thread but the controls were good in this game and felt so good. I wished I could merge the Rage graphics with Borderlands or with Fallout. Actually I wish Fallout ran and looked like Rage...that would be joy!

BlackPrince 422116d ago

To be clear, I'm not talking about auto-aim, I'm talking about aim assist.

Auto-aim is like in COD, where the gun locks on to a target if the crosshairs are near an enemy.

Aim-assist, is when the movement of the crosshairs slows down a bit over a target to make tracking it a bit smoother.

Aim-assist is something PC devs tend not to think about when they make console games, which is why COD, Resistance, Halo, and other more console oriented games "feel" better than games like Unreal Tournament 3, Battlefield 3, and Rage on consoles.

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