Grand Theft Auto-matic Billion-Seller

OXM US Online writes:

"It's official: Grand Theft Auto IV will be released on April 29.

I shouldn't be surprised, really, as Rockstar said when the game was delayed last fall that it would hit stores by the end of parent company Take-Two's fiscal second quarter, which ends April 30. However, after they missed the key holiday sales window, I was quite sure they'd take their sweet time with such an ambitious project and we wouldn't see it until holiday 2008. After all, the damage was already done; the TTWO stockholder panic had subsided."

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OpiZA3796d ago

Yep i reckon combined sales with be through the roof. I personally know people who don't even own a console who are excited for this game. That's what makes me think it'll be a great system seller. C'mon Sony and Microsoft, bundle this bad boy ASAP! ;)

Personally it's my most anticipated title for 08, and if it plays anything like the recent previews, I reckon we're in for a real treat.

creeping judas3796d ago

Will sell more combined then COD4 did. For sure. I cant wait.

THC CELL3796d ago

what a good time for Gta to come will be nice along side with Home


i will be contributing to that billion that rockstar sells

ATLRoAcH3796d ago

I just hope it isn't affected by certain people trying to stop it from coming out.It would be really hard for anyone to stop this game from coming out but that doesn't mean they won't try.I hope any attempts will fail and we all get to be very happy on April 29th.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue comes out April 17th and while I'm going to try to get both.I think GTA IV will without a doubt affect its sells.