GamesRadar - Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 hands-on: A whole 'nother ball game

GamesRadar - The Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 demo is out in the wild. We've been toying with a different build than what's out for consoles right now and we've got some initial takeaways.

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berndogskate2085d ago

It does feel better although i would like more use of players non preffered feet when having a shot on goals, sometimes they try and take it on there good foot even if the angle would suggest otherways, maybe have a little more curl with finesse shots on good foot and less on the other, more polish on graphics and louder crowd when scoring, better one two passes for barca style play, and also rumble on the controller when i hit the post lord knows ive wanted this for years, anyhows a couple of things here of the top of my head. peace!