GameKlip: Fusion of Android smartphones and PS3 controllers

GameKlip: Touch controls work for some games, but as I'm sure most of you have experienced, controlling anything more complex than an angry feathered creature is next to impossible. After hours of trying to play Grand Theft Auto III with virtual on-screen joysticks, I went looking for a better answer.

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PixL2112d ago

If I wanted to play mobile games, I'd buy a Vita. This looks ridiculous and fragile.

fr0sty2112d ago

Something like this would be useful for Smartglass though, overcoming one of it's biggest hurdles.

GuruStarr782112d ago

I think its a pretty good idea... now rooting my phone, not so much... maybe when I upgrade from a galaxy to a galaxy III.

dodo1012112d ago

i have rooted my s3.
it's fun 2 play it for a hour or so.
but since i got my vita i never used it again.
i have seriously no idea why they keep comparing mobile phones to handheld.