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Submitted by MattS 1281d ago | opinion piece

Anti gay-gamer conference and Airbourne gamer: everything that is wrong with games journalism

Digitally Downloaded writes: "AirborneGamer represents everything that is wrong with games journalism. While it was always going to be a problem that anyone with time to spare is able to become a “games journalist” now, it annoys me that people are able to spread moronic and unsubstantiated hate-opinions and are not held accountable for their actions" (Culture)

iamnsuperman  +   1281d ago
When "fag" is the most common word heard (in a negative context) when you're playing Call of Duty,

Off topic but this reminded me of the song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Same love (such a good and true song)

on topic: What do you expect really. I found the story a little bit homophobic while at the same time desperate to say he isn't homophobic. Like I said on the other article this homosexual convention may not be necessary but could do a lot of good in representing homosexuals in gaming which isn't just shoved in their just to be culturally significant. There is no harm in having one
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Megaton  +   1281d ago
Well whoever this person is, they won because you got mad enough to blog about them and submit it to N4G.
SKUD  +   1281d ago
The answer is. FORNAX.
PockyKing  +   1281d ago
It's not about being "mad", why say it's an unnecessary event in the first place? It's no different than being part of a gaming club, or book club? It's their sexual orientation, so what? If they want to have a convention where they can meet people with the same ideals, than good for them. But for somebody to call it out and say it's unnecessary? That's pretty disrespectful in my opinion.

And before one of you say, "you're just mad cause you're gay", no I'm not gay. I just don't care what orientation people have, it's their choice and I won't segregate them for it.

Edit: I never said it WAS necessary, but if that's what they want to do then that's their choice to do so and obviously some people will point the finger and say their forcing themselves to be segregated.
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Megaton  +   1281d ago
So it's necessary, then? It's necessary for a group of people to segregate themselves into a subgroup of gamers? I don't think that's necessary at all. Plus, something being unnecessary doesn't mean they're not allowed to do it.
googergieger   1281d ago | Personal attack | show
PockyKing  +   1281d ago
Lets keep it off a personal level here buddy, just having a debate about an issue doesn't mean you need to call me a twat.

And no it's not a choice you are right, but it's a choice to make a big deal about it to the world.
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Lord_Sloth  +   1281d ago
Maybe if the gay community wasn't always making gay exclusive events that shouldn't have anything to do with sexual orientation anyhow this wouldn't be an existing issue.

Seriously, that's like painting a target then getting pissed because some1 takes a shot.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1281d ago
I don't know, I mean there is a Puerto Rican festival should there be an anti Puerto Rican fest because of it.
TopDudeMan  +   1281d ago
I agree. Surely gay people can enjoy the regular gamer conferences. Why do they need a special one?

I can already see an influx of new gamer conferences coming soon:

GlassesCon- for gamers who wear glasses.
BrownHairCon - for gamers with brown hair.
BrownHairAndGlassesCon - for gamers with brown hair and wear glasses - the best of both worlds.
WakingUpAfter12pm...Con- ? (this is getting stupid but I think you get the point)

I mean, as a group of people, gamers are already separated enough from society. Must we differentiate ourselves even further by categorising different types of gamer?
pixelsword  +   1281d ago
"GlassesCon- for gamers who wear glasses.
BrownHairCon - for gamers with brown hair.
BrownHairAndGlassesCon - for gamers with brown hair and wear glasses - the best of both worlds.
WakingUpAfter12pm...Con- ? (this is getting stupid but I think you get the point)"

You could have just said "nerdsCon".
Ult iMate  +   1281d ago
Well, there's anime community, that makes anime-exclusive events, or Star Wars fans with their events, or community of fighting games with their tournaments, events for racers. But the hate is reserved only for gay-gamers events.
TopDudeMan  +   1281d ago
Who said anything about hate? Most of us here are just stating that we think it is pointless.
MidnytRain  +   1281d ago
Nope. The things you listed are the objects of interest, like gaming. Gaming conventions in general would be an equal comparison to those of Star Wars, anime, and fighting. Gaymer con creates a seperation WITHIN those interests. What they're doing would be like having a gay Star Wars convention, a gay anime convention, or a fighting tournament for gays. It's a needless "cause" for the sake of representing themselves. It reeks of insecurity.
Lord_Sloth  +   1281d ago
Because Star Wars events are strictly about Star Wars, anime events are specifically about anime, and Fighting Game Events are strictly about Fighting Games.

Being gay has nothing to do with gaming, that's the point. It's a stupid grab for attention and they're looking for controversy.

@ Ult's below comment

The point is being gay has nothing to do with gaming and there's no point to try and project your sexual orientation into it. If we made an event for straight gamers we're called homophobes, but when homosexuals do it, that's just them trying to be accepted?

No! If they want to be accepted they should stop secluding themselves with these childish events.
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Ult iMate  +   1281d ago
Did you read all of my comment.
Are anime-fans conventions pointles? Or maybe fighting tournaments pointles? Or any other communities? People like to gather with like-minded. What's wrong with that?

>>The things you listed are the objects of interest
It's the community events. Exactly like any other community events. Even gay-community events. The problems with that events exists only in the eyes of beholder. People gather with like-minded people - there is nothing wrong with that.
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Biggest  +   1281d ago
"No! If they want to be accepted they should stop secluding themselves with these childish events."

Oh!!! So that's why it has taken so long! Remember when it took black people so long to stop being slaves and being considered 3/5th a person? They should have stopped having all-black cotton picking sessions and joined the EVERYONE cotton picking sessions, right? Remember when Jews were persecuted in Europe? They should have allowed everyone to join the party? If only gay people would calm down and politely invite the insecure a**holes that are harassing and attacking them on a daily basis to harass and attack themselves. . . Why didn't we think of that before, Lord_Sloth? Seems so easy. If gay people want to be accepted in society they should just go to regular churches and establishments. The people that say they're going to burn in hell will stop saying that and accept them. Totally makes sense now that you've said it, Lord_Sloth.

Is there a sarcasm tag capable of slapping the taste out of a high class Pilosa's mouth? If so. . . <insert here>
mynameisEvil  +   1281d ago
I agree. Gay people go on and on about equality, but I have to ask: Where's the straight pride parades? Where the Straight-people-only gaming conventions? I have no problem with someone being gay. I don't approve of it, but I'm not condemning anyone for it, either. However, it just annoys the piss out of me that they feel that because they're different, because they're gay, they need to inject that into every activity they can think of.

I mean, for God's sakes, is it too much to ask that straight people and gay people gather together to celebrate the things they enjoy? It reminds me of some boys in a tree house when they go, "No girls allowed". Except, those are things you'd expect a child to do, not an adult that not only understands the concept of equality, but actively tries to enforce it so they can get married.
oldfriend86  +   1281d ago
There's no "straight" parades because straight people "can" get married. 2010 finally had every state in the US that allows gays to adopt and I believe it was 2011 where gays can join the military now. If gays never spoke up, nothing would've happened.

On topic, I don't really have an opinion about the gay gamers convention. I'm gay, but I don't care to go to one. At the same time, is it hurting anyone? Maybe they want to talk about hot guys in gaming or be able to wear very revealing clothes or cross dress (where some convention centers might not allow). And reverse that scenario to suit lesbians too. It's to be able to be themselves without being judged.
dktxx2  +   1281d ago
Straight people aren't persecuted, gays are. They're still fighting for equality, and that's where the parades come in.

Hopefully, when gay people are fully accepted in the world, the parades and conventions won't be necessary, but right now they kind of are.
Biggest  +   1281d ago
Want to know why you don't see straight pride parades? Because every parade is a straight pride parade. Those straight people only gaming conventions are EVERY gaming convention.

It always boggles my mind when I see minorities complaining about other minorities. When was the last day that gamers weren't considered basement dwelling creeps that eat Doritos all night while jacking off to lingerie catalogs? Oh yeah! That day never happened! The majority of the world still views gamers as fat, lazy, under-employed losers that depend on their parents for basic needs. Does that new KFC chicken bites commercial remind you guys of anyone? I'll clue you in. It's what the world thinks of YOU! What makes it worse is that so many of YOU think you're the boss hog of gaming and turn up your nose at the majorities that exist in your realm. Girl gamers are expected to be nothing more than sluts or whores. . . And that's the few you almost respect! Gay gamers are treated like the rest of gay society is treated. Ever wonder why gay people move to areas dominated by gay people? It's to be accepted. Just like some of you go to Star Wars conventions because you know it's okay to be the nerd you are when you're around other nerds. I mean. . . You should be able to wear your Mace Windu outfit to the next Broncos game, right? No drunk meat head will kick your ass for being you, right?

Get off your high horses and remember that people not in the majority have to create their own security.
Ult iMate  +   1281d ago
>>It reminds me of some boys in a tree house when they go, "No girls allowed".

Gay-pride parades are simple manifestation of gay-community achivements in the fight for their rights. There's no point in straight-pride-parades, because straight people already have all their rights, including the right for marriage or adopt children. But gay people are still discriminated in that.

And you are not excluded (or anyone else) from gay-parades - you can freely go and watch or even partcipate. So please don't talk nonsence about that someone is not allowed for the party. I think you can even participate in gay-gamer conference.

Oh, and also there are plenty other parades out there except gay-pride, you know.
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Anon1974  +   1281d ago
These attitudes we're seeing here, the very fact that there's a debate on the issue proves gatherings like this for the LGBT community are still necessary, if for nothing else than to have a place where gamers can get together and not worry about being judged by other attendees.

You guys can sit and wring your hands all you want, and whine "Why do they have to do that?" but the event obviously isn't for you, and if gays want to get together and celebrate their love of gaming as a group, more power to em. I hope you all have a helluva time!
Lord_Sloth  +   1281d ago
Gay Pride parades themselves make sense. Gay rights activists make sense.

Anime conventions make sense.
Star Wars Conventions make sense.
Gaming conventions make sense.

But requiring a specific sexual orientation for an event that's not about sexual orientation is what doesn't make sense to me. That's all I'm sayin.

Gamers care about 1 thing and 1 thing only. Gaming! That's all that should matter. Why the homosexual community feels the need to create a minority split in a minority group is what's beyond my comprehension.

Gaming has nothing to do with Homosexual rights, so this is pointless.
cl1983  +   1281d ago
"You guys can sit and wring your hands all you want, and whine "Why do they have to do that?" but the event obviously isn't for you, and if gays want to get together and celebrate their love of gaming as a group, more power to em. I hope you all have a helluva time!"

So your saying that it's perfectly acceptable to discriminate against heterosexuals. Funny how you're showing everyone your true color.
00  +   1280d ago
"So your saying that it's perfectly acceptable to discriminate against heterosexuals"

who's discriminating against Heterosexuals?
oldfriend86  +   1280d ago

It'll be moot for me ask "well, have you ever been to one?", when I myself have never attended one. But do you know what "gay" versions of movie, TV show, or comic book conventions look like? The dress code becomes very "loose", artists that attend and present drawings of *let me think of an example* a sexy version of Mario and Luigi kissing, or a way to introduce indie games that involve gay developers and/or homosexual characters.

You're hung up on the idea that a gaming convention is just a group of people in a large room that just happen to talk about gaming and set up booths/ areas to hold game contests. Which means a "gay" gaming convention must be the same exact concept, just with gay people, right? Not exactly, unless you have no problem with shirtless doormen and tons of posters with dudes making out. Typically, you don't have that at a regular game/comic book convention. That alone should be a reason to have a gay gaming convention. It's not really about gay rights. If a guy who dresses up like Lara Croft and another dresses up like Lyn from Fire Emblem, will feel welcome at a gay gaming convention. No judgement.

I honestly couldn't care less, it's hard to get me to go to Comic Con, let alone any other convention. However, you seem very sure that there is no need for Gay Gamers Convention. I'm just throwing out some ideas for the sake of argument.
dumahim  +   1280d ago
Yeah! And while they're at it they should get rid of press only conferences and developer conferences. I mean, they're not even open to the public! Where's my pitchfork!?
Quadraxis  +   1281d ago
What is honestly the point of this article AND the whole conference itself? videogames have nothing to do with sexuality and they never should, the only thing that could come out of this is more segregation, even though this time it would be intentionally caused by them.
Ult iMate  +   1281d ago
I know that anime fans often gather for events and play video games or watch anime or show cosplays. But why should they segregate from normal people on their events, right?
vortis  +   1281d ago
Eh, because game conventions aren't about anime.
cl1983  +   1281d ago
There isn't anything stopping any person from dressing how they want at a public conference.
dumahim  +   1280d ago
Why do you feel that you're excluded from this event? Claiming this is segregation is like calling the Adult Entertainment Expo segretationist from other forms of media.
DragonKnight  +   1281d ago
I frickin' called it. I knew this B.S. would happen. Divides are already forming from this. AirborneGamer is only correct about the fact that a gay gamer convention is completely unnecessary. Sexuality is unrelated to gaming. And in so writing a blog like this and trying to label him (or her) a homophobe, you are creating sides in what will be a ridiculous, internet fuelled war.


EDIT: I have downvoted this site because the author is in actuality perpetuating bad journalism as well. I'm tired of these stupid articles popping up when there is nothing relevant to talk about.
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Forum Pirate  +   1281d ago

So its not OK to exclude gays, but it is ok to exclude non gays? That stands up to scrutiny.
googergieger  +   1281d ago
My god people. If you were beaten up solely for being straight growing up. Beaten up as an adult for being straight. Fired for being straight. Judged solely for being straight. Not feeling at all safe to let it slip out you were straight so you feel the need to have a conference where you feel safe to find people that are in the same boat as you that happen to enjoy a same hobby. Then by all means have a straight gamers conference! If not, then you are out of your element on this and are coming off quite the ignorant children on the matter.

Because this is the fact. You run no risk in life from anyone at all for being straight. The same can not be said for being gay. So please just think before you speak next time. Just try to empathize?
taquito  +   1281d ago
how about not advertising your gay, then you wont get beat up or fired for it, most people dont go around telling people that they are heterosexual

as far as im concerned, sexual orientaion has no place in the workplace at all

whether gay or straight

shut your mouth about it

if you talk abou your sexuality or others, you should get fired

if you harass someone of the same sex or opposite in anyway shape or form, automatic dismissal, if you talk about the women/dude/tranny you had relations with over the weeknd---fired

do you job, worry about your dick/vagina/penoris on your own time.

if your overt gayness causes problems for other employees you should be let go, if your raging hetrosexuality is causeing problems, so long

people need to grow up, the whole world does

who cares if you like to bang women, men or tansgenders, just keep it to yourself
00  +   1281d ago
who cares if you like to bang women, men or tansgenders, just keep it to yourself
I'm pretty sure most people aren't anti-social.
Soldierone  +   1280d ago
You don't have to be "anti-social" geez....

I have a GF and I don't go around kissing, making out, and grabbing her all day. I'll kiss her here and there, I don't show boat it everywhere and make it a big deal. If your gay do the same!

I walked with my GF to her school, and these two fat girls saw my Chick-Fil-A cup, and started making out in front of me and grabbing their butts etc...WTF?! Even if it were two regular people I would have felt the same way....even the gay couple next to us was grossed out by it....

And the one thing I absolutely cannot stand is when I tell a gay person "IM NOT GAY" and they say "well you haven't tried it" and keep bugging me. NO JUST LEARN TO QUIT AND GO AWAY!

Plus I don't talk to strangers about who I'm kissing or banging either. I wouldn't walk into a gay bar looking for a women....
00  +   1280d ago
"I'll kiss her here and there, I don't show boat it everywhere and make it a big deal"

"I have a GF and I don't go around kissing, making out, and grabbing her all day"

Read those two line over and realize you can actually show affection in public without getting negative attention, do you think gay people want to make a big deal about showing affection to there loved one without trouble.

you seem to be judging a group of people because you met some douche bags.
hazelamy  +   1280d ago
so you'd stop some guy talking about his girlfriend or wife at work?
fire them if they bring in pictures of the kids they had sex to create?

if invite you to their wedding? fire them and then beat them up?

no, of course you wouldn't you hypocrite, because it's only ever a problem when it's gay.
googergieger  +   1280d ago
Well last comment it seems here(no more bubbles), but really are you this ignorant?

Most people do go around telling people they are heterosexual. How many jobs have you had? I've had several and in every one of them sooner or later, "Check that girl out." "My girlfriend." "Do you have a girlfriend?".

Much more you are saying it is okay to beat gay people up simply because they "advertise" it? If I'm walking in a park holding another guy's hand that is an invitation to get beat up? If I'm in my car listening to Kylie Minogue is that an invitation to get hurt? You are so ignorant it hurts. People go out of their way to find out someone is gay and hurt them for it. No one does this to straight people ever. Is what it is. A bunch of people want to have a gathering of people who are gay who enjoy games. Because while working security at comic con I've heard co-workers call people "faggot". I saw kids and adults do the same thing to peoples faces. I saw people picketing outside the convention center on the off chance a good number of the people going were gay.

The ignorance really is astounding. "They wouldn't have to let those dogs loose, or bring out the fire hoses if they just knew their place" right?

This isn't about superiority. This isn't about segregation. This is about safety. To be yourself. Straight people are welcome there too. Just like they are welcome at every gay gathering.

Really I don't understand the argument or hate against this. It doesn't affect you. It doesn't affect anything. Do you all go out of your way to say gay gyms and gay bars are ruining this country because they are run by smug gays who think they are better than everyone else and would be welcome in straight gyms and bars with open arms so long as they just sat in a corner and didn't advertise they were gay? Because that is what you all are saying about this gaming conference. For some reason this gaming conference is an attack on everyone that isn't gay. It isn't a place to meet people who like something you like who also happen to be gay or gay friendly. Who don't want to be somewhere, where they hear hate speech or run the risk of assault for something as inoffensive as holding someones hand. Who don't want to follow the rules that only exist for gay people but straight people never have to even think about anything they do.

Listen you name one place where gays would be welcome with the same open arms straight people would and guarantee not one person at said place would, spit, curse, hit, or anything nasty to a gay person. I'll gladly jump on your "gay gaming conference" is wrong band wagon.

Oh and empathy is about putting yourself in someone else's shoes and ignorance isn't an insult. Messages are open if you want a reply folks. Hope you all had a great day today and have an even better tomorrow.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1281d ago
Well don't approve it and vote down the site when you see it. Should already be using the content filter here to weed out some of the non-sense.
yewles1  +   1281d ago
The double-sided-ness hurts my head. Let the homosexual gamers have conventions, but don't let the situation turn into separatism, as human beings are human beings, and sexuality (or other differences) shouldn't get in way of gaming, or doing any hobbies together in general.

...I can't believe this has to be said in the 21st century...
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1280d ago
That deserves a well said sir
Soldierone  +   1281d ago
See if this were "non-gay only" or "white people only" events then all hell would break loose. Yet since its "gay only" if you don't agree with it then you are a hater and "dont want them to have their rights!!!!!" Its stupid.

I didn't mind Gay people at all, honestly, then they started pulling stuff like this. I have gay friends that think its absolutely stupid when things like this happen, and even supported Chick-Fil-A for freedom of speech. Some "gay" people think they are entitled to be "better" than everyone else, and thats where people get mad.....Its friggin annoying. What the hell do they need a "gay only" gamer convention for? Honestly....
madjedi  +   1280d ago
I think it's technically not gays only, but with the title like gay gamer convention it might as well be.
madjedi  +   1280d ago
When a game starts having different gameplay for gay gamers vs straight gamers, then i'll considered sexual preference relevant to gaming.

No one is saying the gays can't have their own special conference. But we are saying, it is as retarded as a heterosexual gamers conference or a white gamers conference or black gamers conference or any other race or religion gamers conference.

Lol at comparing an anime or star wars convention to a gay gamers convention, those are for everyone regardless of anything. Yours is specificly geared towards a persons sexual preference ect. If you don't see that wow.

I swear i thought segregation was thrown out in the 1950-1960's, but it seems some groups want it to make a comeback.


Why would we epathize with a random stranger we have never seen or talked to face to face and do not care about, people don't work like that. There has to be some kind of emotional attachment or relationship ect however minute to give empathy to someone.

We need to see the persons faces, hear their voice, a description on a page is typically useless without the other emotional feedback/details we require to elicit a empathetic response.

"You run no risk in life from anyone at all for being straight." There is nutjobs that will hurt or kill people for being gay. Are you really naive enough to believe there aren't other nutjobs that would do the same to straight people.

"If not, then you are out of your element on this and are coming off quite the ignorant children on the matter." And you want empathy after insulting people by calling them ignorant children as the like your their elders, i love this logic old timer.
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hazelamy  +   1280d ago
gamers are a forward thinking progressive bunch of people.

at least that's what i used to think.

frankly i don't know how i could ever have been so deluded.

thankfully though, i know not every gamer is bigoted.

still it saddens me to see just what kind of community this really is.
oldfriend86  +   1280d ago
lol at all the straight people. Fine, let's try it this way. For the people thinking there's no use for a gay gaming convention: Google "gay gaming convention" or "gay comic book convention" (preferably Bent-Con), see what they do at said conventions, then come back here.

First of all, probably none of you will do that because (a) you're too lazy (b) don't want to see half naked guys kissing. Stop thinking of it as a regular Game Con, just with gay people. But as a Game Con, only very gay. Hell, I'd love to see male strippers dressed as Link or Nathan Drake...then strip. They wouldn't have a gay gaming convention, without making it gay.
Puddlejumper75  +   1280d ago
It's funny to see all the hate coming from the gay community on here.

People are right that there is no reason for a gaming convention based solely on sexual preference.

Why you think your sexual preference makes you superior to others is beyond me. You guys cant just be gamers, no you have to be gaymers because some how the fact have a different lifestyle in the bedroom makes you superior to everyone else and you need to show everyone you are better than they are.
It's just silly and childish and shows that gays harbor the same hate and bias they go around telling everyone else is wrong

Just look at the author Matt.He couldnt accept that someone had a different opinion than him and turned it into a personal attack. Why? Because someone didnt agree with him and now that person is suddenly against gays and the rights of gays. I feel pity for this person in all honesty.

The fact that they hate straight people so much they cant enjoy gaming conventions where straights are welcome as well as they are is really sad.

What word is there for when a gay person hates straights as much as this Matt does? His childish attacks are amusing but we need a word for his type of hate. If you dont like gays you are homophobis so is he heterophobic?

Whats really sad is how my gay friends are going to be insulted and hurt when I show them how they are being represented by haters like Matt. He is doing more harm than good for a group of people who only want to be treated equally.
zeroyoshe  +   1280d ago
you have no concept of what it means to be gay...what the world looks like, that is not tailored to you.
zeroyoshe  +   1280d ago
I tell you guys why a gay gamer convention is necessary.

we Gay folks are completely saturated by straight concepts, from music to tv, advertisements. to voice chatter in CoD.
We are forced to jump into a over-sexed male dominated world, full of slander, slurs, rage, even hate. where the most important thing is mostly naked women, and bad mouthing people in some of the most disgusting ways.

E3? GDC pax? infested with booth babes. imagery designed to make straight guys drool in your shorts. where are the mostly naked men? the place were we can go and not be refereed to as fag? nowhere. we are forced to deal with brutality, in a place were we go to be entertained.

that's why.

so before someone opens their mouth about how they don't see a point. put yourself in our shoes. live you life day in and day out in a gay dominated world where your constantly ambushed by gay themes. and gay chatter on your favorite game. imagine how you feel when you get home from work and want to settle into your gaming chair..and put on your headset to be met by the ugliest people saying the worst things they can think of and using you as a context to describe them. its not cool its not fair and its not right

So we aren't asking you to stop being terrible stop loving your naked women, what we want is a place of ours to enjoy ...away from the straight bombardment we get on a daily.
Puddlejumper75  +   1280d ago
"away from the straight bombardment we get on a daily."

Sounds a lot like

"away from the black bombardment we get on a daily. "

Which is what a racist white person would say.

Yet its okay for you but wrong for the white racist.

I'm not really sure what the difference is though. How is your hate right but their hate wrong?
zeroyoshe  +   1280d ago
because you not the subject of hate. I dont hate anyone. but all I see on these post are people saying ...forget how you feel with it. we live in a straight dominated world. but you dont see us picketing straight people. you dont see us trying to ban straight marriage. you dont see us telling straight people there is not place for a straight convention. because we are about tolerance,

so when there is a blatantly gay game out there. that is popular ..because its awesome. and there are sexy guys mostly naked ...then you can claim there is no sexuality bias. you can tell me to join in the conventions because ..well it wouldn't be a big deal...but I promise if there was a convention littered with booth dudes in skimpy clothing, hugging and take lude photos with someone then. there would be outrage, by straight guys. point blank. kinda like there is over a convention targeted at gays. but i would be happy to be there.
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DragonKnight  +   1280d ago
You just don't get it do you? No one ever said "forget how you feel, just deal with it" they said "what you do in the bedroom is irrelevant to gaming."

This convention is saying that being gay makes you a different gamer, not just a different person. It's creating more labels and more differences. I want you to explain to me, with complete honesty, how the gay community expects to be treated as normal citizens if they purposely label themselves as different every single chance they get? And why they feel the need to bring that label to a medium of entertainment that previously had no such divides. How is it right to go from a state of total equality (where a gamer is a gamer simply because they game) to a state in which you are either a straight gamer, or a gaymer? Where is the "right" in that? Where is the social justice in that?

You do understand that this convention will not be a good thing right? It will create a target on the backs of every single homosexual person there and make things MUCH worse for gamers who just so happen to be gay.

But no, no one is looking at that. It's always "you're either gay or you don't understand" which is the same as "you're either with us or against us."
Biggest  +   1280d ago
"This convention is saying that being gay makes you a different gamer, not just a different person."

Wrong. It says that you are a different person. It's been explained many times before you, DragonKnight. Imagine a booth babe with tits barely hiding behind her Kitana costume. Now take that booth babe and turn her into a booth bro dressed a Kratos with other men motioning at his barely contained crotch during photos. It's very elementary. Gay men don't drool over boobs and woman ass.

Now take that elementary idea and mix it with another equally elementary idea. The vocal majority of straight people DO NOT stand by homosexuality. They protest it. They speak against it. They attack it. Imagine yourself staring at that Kitana booth babe and being blindsided by a kick to the head, and then everyone around you joining in on an old fashioned "Beat up the straight guy because he was looking at a chick" party. It's hard to imagine because it never happens, but stick with me here. Now imagine that instead of you it's a gay guy looking at a booth bro. . . Not hard to imagine what would happen if a bunch of hate filled straight people were around to see that. It happens on a regular basis. No one gets their equality by just taking the punishment. The punishment is going to happen regardless. Minorities have always searched for or created their own safe havens. That isn't "purposely label themselves as different every single chance they get" as you call it. It's trying to enjoy what they enjoy without fear of prosecution. I challenge you to look into some of the arguments used against gay people now and ethnic minorities in the past. You'll find that the same things you THINK are the right thing to say here are the same things that were said then. You, DragonKnight, are completely wrong in your thought process. Try living as an unaccepted minority for a while. You might learn something.
cl1983  +   1280d ago
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Dragon age origins, Sims 3, Fallout 3 and 4, South Park racing, Fable.
This is just a small list that either let you chose or even make you be gay/bi/lesbian. Also just because a games ambiguity doesn't declare a characters preference doesn't make them heterosexual.

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