PlayStation Exclusive Agent to Become PS4 Exclusive?

"Jack Tretton, President/CEO of SCEA, announced during their E3 2009 press conference that Rockstar Games, developer of Grand Theft Auto, was developing Agent, a stealth action video game exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 3. Despite just a logo being shown during the conference, speculation ran rapid and anticipation for the project grew immensely. Here we are more than three years later and we have yet to see any gameplay or hear more details on what Rockstar Games will be delivering with their upcoming project causing many questions to be raised."

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jsslifelike2054d ago

GAWD, I almost forgot about Agent TBH.

Dlacy13g2054d ago

To be honest there has been nothing to remember save for a title screen and a few less than exciting screenshots from a few years back. .

Disccordia2054d ago

Rockstar North are obviously busy with GTAV right now and if that doesn't release until April then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that this game is unlikely to see the light of day this gen.

And tbh, even after GTA their main focus will be dlc or the next GTA so unless they move it to another studio its never gonna have the chance to enter full production.

As long as Rockstar keep the platforms for GTAV secret there is still always a remote chance it might even be that.

pixelsword2053d ago

Isn't this just an opinion piece, would you say?

gatormatt802053d ago

Im so sick of this run around Take-Two is giving us and the media. Honestly, and this is just how I feel, I think its time that gaming news and websites start demanding more info on this game and even threatening Take-Two by not giving any of their games media exposure unless they show us something for Agent. Yeah this is pretty drastic i know and would never happen, Im just tired of this crap.

HebrewHammer2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I haven't!

But back on topic, this started as an original Xbox game from what I understand. Some Rockstar employees were sent out to Cairo to take some pictures they could use for reference back in 2004.

So the possibility of it releasing on new hardware has some weight, since the IP's done it before.

Personally, I don't think it will ever see the light of day.

But this also begs the question of what kind of deal Sony had with Rockstar to begin with. I always thought AGENT was a way to compensate PlayStation enthusiasts for the lack of GTA IV episodes initially and losing out on LA Noire exclusivity. Makes you wonder if there is a written document stipulating that Rockstar owes an exclusive PlayStation platform title.

Raoh2054d ago

From what I read in the past, Sony/Rockstar/Take Two had a Grand Theft Auto exclusivity deal.

Take Two broke that deal with Microsoft check covering any losses from breaking the contract.

The clause in the contract was that Sony gets to choose another title as an exclusive.

So basically Take Two laid out some projects that were in the background being worked on or tossed around and Sony chose Agent.

At this point, sony could have changed their minds and chose another title or microsoft stepped in again with another 50 million dollar check forcing sony to choose another title. If so I hope sony was smart enough to sweeten the clause in the contract to maybe get two titles or some other form of payment from take two.

morganfell2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

It's gamerabcess, remember their story from the other day? I recall what a wonderful piece that was...not.

Besides, they are a day late and a dollar short. Actually 62 days late.

Larry L2054d ago

That's not quite the story I remember. If I recall GTA had nothing to do with anything. That exclusivity deal ended long before this generation even started when the GTA games came out on the original Xbox. The "origin story" of AGENT I recall goes something like this....

Sony wanted a new exclusive RockStar game for their new hardware (PS3), so they went to R* and said hey, make us a great game, and WE are going to fund the whole thing, spare no expense.

So a contract was signed to the tune of Sony giving R* 20 (or it was 25) million dollars. (this signing was behind the scenes late 2005 early 06).

The game and tech R* came up with, with that 20 million dollars was the basis of L.A. NOIR.

R* showed the tech demo of the game to Sony in a meeting early 2007, and as the story goes, Sony was not impressed compared to the things GG, Insomniac and ND were showing Sony basically said this isn't good enough to warrant the exclusivity contract and 20 million, but they were very gracious and didn't want the money back........

Instead Sony said, go ahead and make all the money you can with this game you're showing us here. If you want to make it multi-platform, go ahead. Just sign this new contract saying that 20 Million will go towards building a game from the ground-up taking advantage of the PS3 hardware.

That game was Agent.

Basically.......The terms of public info since that story came out back in like 2008.

Personally, my opinion is that RockStar /Take-Two REALLY love all the money they've made this gen cross-platform. Between GTA4, Red Dead and LANoir and their expansions, not to mention the 50 million from MS to make the GTA4 expansions exclusive for a year...........20 million dollars is chicken **** compared to the money they've made, and I suspect they decided they weren't interested in putting their efforts into a game exclusive to a single platform.

I believe they bought out that 20 million dollar contract, and just to not burn any bridges, probably paid Sony back double or even more.

I really believe that happened, and therefore "AGENT the PS3 exclusive game from R*" is no more. The question I have is: What happened to the assets for that game?, because it had to at least have a good 2 years of development in before that happened.

Did R* give the assets of the game to Sony, or is R* going to make it a multi-platform game? Or maybe this article is right, and it will be a PS4 game. But with the game not being mentioned this past E3, there's no possible way it's going to be a PS3 game.

_-EDMIX-_2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

@HebrewHammer- "I always thought AGENT was a way to compensate PlayStation enthusiasts for the lack of GTA IV episodes initially and losing out on LA Noire exclusivity"

??? Sony didn't lose out on LA Noire exclusivity. RockStar merely "helped" in its development, its main job was to publish the game. Team Bondi is the creator of LA Noire NOT RockStar.

Team Bondi, the team behind The Getaway series made the game and it was being funded by Sony and published by Sony.

They took YEARS to make it, wasted a whole lot of money and Sony decided to give up support of the team.

Team Bondi owning the IP rights to LA Noire went to RockStar to have it published and for help in the final development stages of the game.

Look up how this came about please.

@Larry- read above, RockStar didn't make LA Noire, Team Bondi did.

To question why RockStar would want to make a exclusive PS3 game is quite dumb. They are a open world developer that made GTASA (used up 5.2 gigs) and then made GTAIV (using up about 6.8 gigs) so if you clearly see and understand what i just said, you would have to clearly see why Sam and Dan Houser would want to make a Bluray game.

"Rockstar really wanted to make a game that you can truly only do on PS3, harnessing the power of the Cell and Blu-ray disc and this deal lets them do just that" as said by Sony's Michael Shorrock

"a game the company had been wanting to make for some time" Sam Houser

I believe hes saying this based off Bluray. A GTA game clearly needs the space and DVD9 clearly isn't cutting it.

If they make Agent clearly the PS3 version will be amazing, but the 360 version would have lots of installs and many disk, only based off of the size of such an open world game.

(clearly because the 360 version will clearly come over time as do all 3rd party timed exclusives (besides of course MGS4)

But you never know, MGS4 didn't make that jump because of Bluray, this game can very much be the same deal. Not porting because of hardware limitations (dvd9)

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paradigmfellow2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

If it is not a RPG, I don't care.

HebrewHammer2054d ago

I would love to see what Rockstar could bring to the RPG genre.

showtimefolks2053d ago

RS confirmed they are working on it so let's see even their last investors call they said its in development.

i think it will launch on ps3 and ps4. yes i do believe its still an exclusive and will remain as such IMO. RS and sony have a long relationship so i think RS might just do it as exclusive to create a lot of hype

jbiz3202053d ago

cool story bro..

Except that if Rockstar wants to, you know, make money it WILL go multiplat.. Keep on believing that fanboy BS about "relationships" if you want to.. bottom line is money talks.

showtimefolks2053d ago

Dude I was just saying aight nothing fan boyish lol

Take two president have said they want to make a bang and being exclusive will create bigger hype his words not mine so who the heck knows when ts coming and which systems

But do t forget 2 things:

La:noire Sony funded about 20 million and than they let RS have it
GTA 4 was suppose to be timed exclusive for s3 but any let them out of the contract

So in my eyes agent is RS way of paying back

princejb1342053d ago

I definitely forgot this one

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Venomousfatman2054d ago

At this point, I really don't know what to think about Agent. Could be coming out, could not be, but hey if it ends up coming out next gen, that would be cool. But at least give us something, or stop harping on it and move on.

iamnsuperman2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Possibly on the PS4 but what I do know is Sony has no clue if the game is still an exclusive as they have said this. Only Rockstar knows what is going on

Knight_Crawler2054d ago

Release on PS4 only and sell allot oF copies or release on PS4,720,WiiU and make a gazillion load of money.

I think the choice is clear from a business point of view.

slavish2053d ago

if its on ps4 the wii-u cant run it!

VanillaBear2054d ago

Well if I was Sony I would ask Rockstar for my money back, you know the money they put into L.A Noires funding before it went multiplatform. They cut a deal with Rockstar so if L.A Noire went MP they would do a full Rockstar game exclusively for them

stonecold32054d ago

i will buy a ps4 then if its true i hope it will be out on ps3 still ?

andibandit2053d ago

Yes if you buy a PS4 it will be out on PS3.

TiberiusGill2054d ago

I don't believe Agent is a product. But I'm a bit of a pessimist, so...