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Submitted by jdmorg0 1210d ago | opinion piece

Top 10 Worst Gaming Accessories of All-Time

Gaming accessories are usually never good, but here are the 10 worst accessories of all-time. (Atari, Nintendo, Retro, Tech, Wii)

Update Final page link is fixed! #2 and #1 are now up!

Relientk77  +   1210d ago
Wow at #8 Atari 2600-Stick Station

That has to be the most useless thing ever
iamnsuperman  +   1210d ago
Yer I never really got who bought those Wii accessories especially the ones that were not from poundland.

Wow the gameboy clip. Talk about proving the stereotypical nerdy gamer image wrong

I think these need to be mentioned
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Hicken  +   1210d ago
The last page seems to be missing.

Man, I remember most of these. I feel both old and young at the same time...
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1210d ago
I remember Freddy Kruger killing that kid by using a Nintendo Power Glove!
camel_toad  +   1210d ago
Hahaha I don't remember that but I do remember having the powerglove and it was a real turd with only one game worth playing.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1210d ago
I believe it was in Freddys Dead... I'd have to go through my 80s horror flick collection to see for sure though which NOES movie it was...

Fell asleep watching Evil Dead 1 on my PS3 last night and woke up to Sheryl laughing in the cellar... I stayed awake till the end of the film after that lmfao!
thebudgetgamer  +   1210d ago
The NES speedboard was pretty terrible.
optimus  +   1210d ago
What was #2 and #1? Did nintendo make them take it down??... Ok, i have my guesses...the power glove at 2 and the superscope 6 at #1... I would be surprised if it wasn't the superscope 6, that thing was a cannon you had to rest on your shoulder....the power glove at least looked cool (for those days) it was even featured in a videogame movie with fred savage, and i've even seen it as a halloween accessory for a robot costume of some sort.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1210d ago
I vaguely remember that fred savage movie as well... we are old dude.... lol!
optimus  +   1210d ago
I believe it was called the wizard...yes, i'll be hitting a milestone number next week. I grew up in an era where pong had it's own console with different variations of the same game. When the "big 3" were atari, coleco vision, and intellivision. And vectrix was considered "portable"...and not to mention your tv connection was an rf switch and the video output had to be channels 3 or 4 on your tv.

when the new era of gaming was measured in "bits" and there were no arguments that my 16-bit was better than your 8-bit...back then multiplayer consisted of buying a multi-tap, and nobody would ban you from yelling and screaming at one another unless it was someone's mother.

Yes, i remember most of the accessories mentioned here, never bought any of them (although i really wanted that powerglove to really "play with power"). Most kids back then couldn't afford those accessories, we had enough problems fixing our controllers with tape, glue, etc... Kids today have got it made, that's why i don't knock these new accessories like kinect because it truly is revolutionary.

Update- so i was half right; really surprised the superscope didn't make the list...that atari thing shouldn't have been #1 or be included if it was never released.
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JKelloggs  +   1210d ago
The activator, "You are the controller" sounds similar to the Kinect's tagline, right?

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