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Why Has THQ Given Up on InSANE?

With THQ announcing InSANE's cancellation during a financial call today OWNT took a look at what might have prompted such action. (Industry, inSANE, THQ, Volition, Inc.)

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iamnsuperman  +   775d ago
THQ has to be really careful. Probably saw it not selling as well as they needed it to
Nate-Dog  +   775d ago
I don't think THQ have that much left to spare and this game sounds like it could have been a big gamble, they're on a rocky road right now and have to be careful what they do. Buuuut at the same time they do need to try and get some titles out there too, but it's the same kind of thing this gen has seen all too often, companies not very willing to give new IPs the go ahead since sequels seem to be what the majority of people buy.
TiberiusGill  +   775d ago
Agreed. They can't make every IP a chance-seller, but they have SR to fall back on right now. They need to test the waters with products like this in order to expand.
rbailey  +   775d ago
Saints Row and Darksiders are the 2 franchises they need to focus on keeping intact. Maybe eventually they will be in a better position to do new IP but for now they need to stick to their guns.
TiberiusGill  +   775d ago
True. Although I still wonder how much of a big hit Darksiders was. I'll accept that it's an established brand but it always struck me as weird that it's getting a sequel.
Godmars290  +   775d ago
I'm betting the 3rd Hobbit movie, scheduling issues Del Toro, had something to do with it.
HebrewHammer  +   775d ago
I thought he has nothing to do with The Hobbit anymore. Jackson directed the whole thing.
BossPerson  +   775d ago
He doesnt. Jackson leads the whole thing
Godmars290  +   775d ago
When then they probably couldn't afford the level of art, rather than game, he wanted to put into it.
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rbailey  +   775d ago
Honestly, I can understand why you would say that. The first one was ok at best and def had some flaws to it overall. But the sequel has been dramatically improved upon. This pretty much takes all the great things about the first game and puts everything on a larger scale. The RPG elements are back along with the hack and slash combat so fans will feel right at home with this game. As for THQ, they better hope the game sales exceed expectations because my guess now it's even more important that this game does well.
thrashermario  +   775d ago
Agent and final fantasy 13 versus are next becasue they area bunch of vaporware
Cajun Chicken  +   775d ago
Because Volition had too much on their plate and are better doing things such as Saints Row. Besides, Insane just sounded plain, rubbish.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   775d ago
Hate to say it, but this was suppose to be a AAA title IP. And now that its canceled, THQ is pretty much no more. Saints Row and the WWE games is what's keeping them a float, buying them time at the very least. I hope Darksiders 2 is big seller they can use those profits.

Next gen is looking dark for THQ imo.
jay2  +   775d ago
I hope Del Toro gets this game out
dirtnap  +   775d ago
the new guy in charge isn't "playing games" anymore. dumping money into a broken project doesn't help anyone. cancel the project and keep your workers. it was obviously a crappy game, jason rubin isn't stupid. invest in things like darksiders.
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darren_poolies  +   775d ago
Maybe it is just taking too long and costing too much?
TiberiusGill  +   775d ago
That's probably the long and short of it.
Games costing too much and taking too long aren't exactly what an ailing developer wants to keep working with.
darren_poolies  +   774d ago
Exactly. If the cost is getting too much and they don't believe the game will sell enough to make that back then why carry on?
Tsukuyomi  +   775d ago
The game sounded interesting. I dont want this IP to be erased from existence give it to someone else. I know THQ is in a financial struggle. Its probably hell over there. But this game needs a chance.
dcbronco  +   775d ago
THQ is in financial trouble period. Their CEO has said that they are going to make better decisions and look at a more diverse range of titles. More mid-range budgets and lower.

TheMasterShake  +   775d ago
i have a strong feeling that this game never was in the development process, and once THQ started hitting rock bottom they had to cut costs. now they just reported a growth in finances they probably didn't want to sacrifice what they just made on what could have been a failure. hence why it got canceled.

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