OXCGN’s Darksiders II Event: ‘Death’ comes for us all


"THQ were nice enough to invite me to their European headquarters to show off their new game last Monday.

The place: sweltering hot London.

The game: Darksiders II.

The food: really, really good burgers.

The question on the lips of everyone present was can Darksiders II take the enjoyable exploration and even more enjoyable combat to the next level for this sequel?

It was time to saddle up with the four horsemen and find out."

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Hooshuwashu1870d ago

Kind of iffy on this one. THQ is about to tank... worried about how that affects quality control.

gaminoz1870d ago

This game was firmly off my radar. However some of the positive comments coming has made me curious.

The burgers sound good :p

Proeliator1870d ago

I'd love to see how that guy sweats out (no pun intended) Louisiana heat... London sounds wonderful right now!

BadCircuit1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

@ Proliator

Yeah humid and London doesn't seem to make sense!!!

BadCircuit1870d ago

I never played the first one. Was it more than a hack n slash?

DeusExer1870d ago

I thought the original was a hidden gem for sure. Very underrated.

I just hope the delay in release was for the better, it would be a shame to see a promising premise tank.