Who Would Win In A Fight? Solid Snake vs. Raiden

Addict of Fiction's Roque Caston puts Raiden and Snake in a ring, to see who would win.

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PirateThom2084d ago

Snake, Raiden is a bitch.

Batzi2084d ago

Snake. Raiden vs Big Boss? Big Boss. Raiden vs Grey Fox? Grey Fox. Raiden vs Ocelot? Ocelot. Raiden vs Himself? Himself. xD

hkgamer2084d ago

snake vs REX = snake
raiden vs 3+ AI RAY = Raiden
snake vs RAY = RAY
can't remember if raiden beat RAY when controlled by ocelot.
Snake vs Big Boss = snake with a lighter
Raiden vs solidus = raiden
It seems pretty even, although I do remember Hideo saying that Raiden matches/surpassed Snake at the end of MGS2.
Snake certainly has more real battlefield experiences but Raiden is a young boy and has way more potential. Not sure how he got his mechanical body though, did he get his ass kicked and needed operation or did he choose to become a cyborg ninja?
in MGS4, Raiden is definitely better than snake but I guess it all depends on the situation.
Didn't REX beat RAY? RAY was pretty much built as a countermeasure to REX wasn't it?
But let's just say 7/10 times Raiden would beat snake

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2084d ago

Metal Gear Mark II vs Raiden - MGMII first round KO lol

seriously though, snake beat a tank with grenades. WITH GRENADEZZZZ!!! in a face to face fight with no weapons, then snake would win with his cqc skills.

Also lets not forget that
a) snakes old and dying
b) raiden has been modified to no end

also snake beat vamp who was very similar to raiden

and snakes a badass

Army_of_Darkness2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

If I was playing as snake, then snake will win, but If i was playing as Raiden, then Raiden would win;-)

Snookies122084d ago

Ahahahaha... Hahaha... Ha.......


Eamon2084d ago

Let's be serious though. The Raiden of MGS4 and Rising can cut geckos with ease. Raiden fought off FROGs without any arms and he beat Vamp. Snake physically cannot do any of that because he is not a superhuman being. Yes, Snake has defeated numerous superhuman beings before but so has MGS2 Raiden.

Of course MGS2 Raiden is no match for Snake but Ninja Raiden is a different case.

Snookies122084d ago

I get what you're saying, and I wouldn't expect Raiden to go down without a fight. It's just that Snake has proven himself over and over. You know, post MGS4 Raiden might win since Snake's so worn down, but if you were to pit him at the beginning or possibly during MGS1's time, he wouldn't stand a chance.

one2thr2084d ago

Cyborg Vs. Perfect soldier
just in case any one missed my point
and oh yeah Snake beaten "Null" and he was once said to be a "perfect soldier" with no emotions, and his skills with the sword was top notch and he deflects bullets without the needed assisstance of technological enhancements... But then again Raiden stopped a super fortress/Metal Gear Ray factory, with his feet, sword, and back... I'd go with Snake, he stopped way more giant robots than Raiden, and on some occasions he have prove to be "un-mind-fuck-able". .. so yeah lol

versusALL2084d ago

Uh snake, duh. If you save the world twice, I'm pretty sure you could figure out how to defeat some whiny little bitch(yes, even in MGS4).

Akiba962084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

"Some whiny little bitch(yes, even in MGS4)" That's funny because as I am replaying MGS4, I am noticing a severe lack of whiny bitchiness from cyborg raiden. I am, however, noting a significant amount of ass kicking/ghetto stomping :P

In all seriousness though, I think cyborg raiden would beat Old Snake onky because snake is at a distinct disadvantage because of his old age and raidens heavy modifications. That being said, snake at his prime (around MGS1 and MGS2) vs. Raiden at his prime (obviously Cyborg Raiden with all limbs attatched) would be an extremely close fight..

Irishguy952084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Raiden is a *****, he's still kick Snakes ***. Easily. There's a reason Snake hides and Raiden doesn't/ It's a meh argument anyhow.

That is of course, unless you put it in 'Gameplay mode' where snakes is allowed have a health bar and take multiple sword strikes to the neck without his head flopping off. Different story then...

PoSTedUP2084d ago

snake was trained by Big Boss, if you know who that is, you would defiantly retract that statement. snake knows more and is more experienced. raiden could not defeat snake in snakes prime. that's like YOU beating Jordan on a 1 on 1.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2084d ago

Snake wasn't trained by The Boss. Big Boss was trained by The Boss, then The Boss died in MGS3 where you are Big Boss.

Irishguy952084d ago

So what? Also Vashlion, I think Solid snake WAS trained by the big boss. It doesn't matter who was trained by who, Raiden is noted to be as Skilled(notice I say skilled, not experienced) as Solid snake, he then gets his Major upgrades in MGS4 which throw the battle down without question. Raiden has alot of experience too. Although you could argue Snake would have a ray gun, you could easily say the same about Raiden.

The only reason people think otherwise is because they ike a character more than another, it's the same stupid argument of Yoda versus Anakin/Vader. Vader was more bad *** what? He was still weaker even with his supposed potential which he never reaches.

wishingW3L2084d ago

It would depend on the circumstances. With the correct equipment and tactics Snake could take down Raiden but in a straight face to face fight then Raiden would win no doubt.

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