PS3 title Devil May Cry 4 No. 1 at Japan retailer

Punch Jump reports: Capcom Co.'s Devil May Cry 4 for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 ranked as the No. 1 video game title based on advanced orders at Amazon Japan on Tues. ...

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Joey Gladstone3707d ago

THE JAPANESE LOVE...and i repeat LOVE their Devil May Cry games........its like when a Final Fantasy title drops over there
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

3707d ago
SoulReaper3707d ago

You can disagree with him but his not bashing any system right now..

INehalemEXI3707d ago

Its a great game, I pre-order and im in the US.

gamesR4fun3707d ago

ya expect this title to move a few machines 2

mikeslemonade3707d ago

You think if PS3 was already selling well and more than 360 then look at DMC4 is going to do. It's going to sell way more increasing that gap.

jackdoe3707d ago

They don't love DMC on the level of FF. The only other game they love that much, or maybe even more, is DQ. Nothing can match those monsters.

eLiNeS3707d ago

true, a few Xbox 360 machines.

sonarus3707d ago

yea dmc 4 should provide a significant boost to ps3's in Japan. Interestingly enough it will more than likely give 360 a boost too especially considering its being bundled. I however had high hopes for dmc 4 but after playing the demo on ps3 i gotta say i am gonna skip the title. The combat just feels too slow paced and repetitive for my tastes. Then again was never a big fan of dmc only played dmc2 which was apparently the worst so i didnt like that thought i would try 4 but from the looks of it i'm gonna skip it as well. Means no new games for a long while probably the next game i will be getting will be rock band then i gotta start saving for new logitech wheel to take on gran turismo. A lot of money but only 2 games lol

Kleptic3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )


its like when a Final Fantasy game drops...anywhere...FFXIII will likely top the lists in every major territory at release...

has there been a game to do that yet this generation?...Did SMG get that title?...just wondering, can't remember...MGS4 is most likely the next game with any remote chance of doing it, as well as Brawl I guess (although that is a far less impacting Nintendo game...if SMG didn't manage, I doubt Brawl will)...

and I mean overall sales...not just for that particular platform...there is a logistical mess with this though because it mostly depends on a simulaneous world-wide release...for MGS4 to do it, it will have to stay at the top of Japanese charts for at least 2 weeks...if the rumored world-wide release of "within two weeks" is anything to do by...not to mention GTAIV's release having a major impact on that everywhere but Japan...

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fenderputty3707d ago

The idea of sepperating fanboys into another forum section is fantastic on paper but, doesn't always work out in practice.

ravinash3706d ago

We'll keep trying.
Once they have been smacked across the hands a few times, they'll start to learn.

SeanScythe3707d ago

Yes but this section is for mature talking no fighting. As long as he doesn't do anything to bash or trash systems or gamers then he's free to post here.

BubblesDAVERAGE3707d ago

Calling it mature to not like other systems is not the best word to describe anything...I realize the value in all systems but isnt okay to have a favorite

Kleptic3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

that is what I never understood about this ridiculous "fanboy" war...

why is it not "ok" to have a system of preference?...most people that own multiple systems still have 1 that gets most of their playing time...

it used to be...if you only own one system (because that is the only one with the majority of games you want to play) you had no its...if you own all systems you have credibility only if you decide to not have a favorite...

imo its kind of like saying "make sure and not have a favorite NFL team, because all teams have great players...If you pick one team to side with, you are immediately deemed immature and your opinion is moot"...

as far as the aspect of 'fanboyism' where users just spout absolutely wrong information with intentions of starting arguments...then I agree with that...keep them out...but just because you have a system of choice, doesn't mean everything you say is absolutely biased...

I'll start...I own a PS3, yet nothing else, and Lair absolutely sucked balls..see? bias...

mighty_douche3707d ago

Not really surprised, the Japanese like many others love their DMC.

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