What Happened in DayZ Last Night Is Something I’ll Never Forget

"DayZ has managed to make me appreciate a virtual life. I’ll never forget the experience I had last night." Ron Hoffecker of had a near death experience in DayZ that has topped every other experience he has had in gaming.

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PrimeLantern1952d ago

I'd like to experience this stuff but every time I play I last like 20 minutes before getting swarmed. I suck.

h311rais3r1952d ago

You really just need to be super cautious. Pay attention to absolutely everything.

AztecFalcon1952d ago

Very true. Crouching and being prone at the right times is a very important gameplay mechanic.

devileyed1952d ago

great story! i mostly play alone and have survived a long time that way. however it seems playing with a group is awesome.

AztecFalcon1952d ago

It's a totally different experience. We even have one friend who enjoys playing solo but he's involved in Tent Town and helps us out and we help him with supplies.

devileyed1950d ago

That's really cool man. I would much rather play on a smaller private server. I just lost a 32day character to an invisible guy. not cool at all lol