Becoming Visceral: Overhauling EA Montreal For Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel


You might have heard that Visceral Games is developing the latest entry in the Army of Two series, but you might be confused as to what this means for The Devil's Cartel. While the game is being developed in the same location as the last two entries, a majority of the team is new and has been rebranded from EA Montreal to Visceral Montreal.

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Hufandpuf2321d ago

I never bought Ao2, but I really want to see what they do with this one

VanDamme2321d ago

I never bought Ao1, but I did buy Ao2 once Ao1 was on sale, accidentally bought Ao2 instead of Ao1... pretty disappointed about the whole thing--especially since I know the two guys (Salem and Rios) end up teaming up... No way could I go back to the first one with that key plot line ruined.

mcnablejr2321d ago

lol wtf

1. there is no 'Ao1' you must mean army of two and army of two the 40Th day

2. Also, Rio and Salem are a team from the very start of the first game.

VanDamme2321d ago

There is a good chance that mcnablejr and I just ruined the plot of Ao1 for a lot of people.

Please be cautioned that our posts above contain spoilers!

jlm92321d ago

What are you smokin VanDamme - I have played both games and mcnablejr is absolutely right - the two have always been a team. There are two games Army of Two - the original game (much under rated) and Army of Two: 40th Day - not so good. You might be thinking of a game that the US Army helped produced called Army of 1: Americas Soldier? which is completely different from this franchise. There are no spoilers in anything Mcnable says - a spoiler would be "you kill that M#@@@@@@@@r clyde yet" - most rememberable line in video game history IMO (other than lets finish this fight)

slavish2321d ago

I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!