NowGamer- PES 2013 Hands-On: The Best PES This Generation

NowGamer- PES is back. No, really. Don’t believe us? That’s OK, we weren’t sure ourselves until going hands-on with the game. Now however we feel pretty safe in saying that this is the best PES of this generation, and will run FIFA very close this year. In some respects it’s already the better game.

The passing, for example, is leagues ahead of its rival. It already was in last year’s game, and it feels even better here. With full control over the pace and direction of your passes (including a fully manual pass option for the Xavis out there), PES’s midfield exchanges are incredibly authentic while still remaining fun.

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asmith23062084d ago

I am loving this demo at the moment! Like many people I ditched Pro Evo a good few years back after the golden era of the on the PS2. FIFA 12s new tactical defending was a disaster in my opinion and I haven't played it in ages (after playing FIFA 11 to death). PES 13 is looking good and I will be buying it over FIFA again for the first time in years.

KiLLeRCLaM2084d ago

You haven't even played fifa 13 demo yet..I agree that PES2013 is great but still to soon to tell if it will be better then Fifa. I will buy both though. I really like the player ID's and the gameplay physics they added..

asmith23062084d ago

I can't imagine FIFA 13 will be much different to FIFA 12, their new approach to gameplay isn't going to change.

MoonConquistador2084d ago

The players feel more solid, its good that you can bump players off the ball. Older versions players seemed to run through each other.

Its not back to it's PS2 quality, but definately an improvement and i think i'll pick up a copy this year. My last was 2010's.

OcelotRigz2084d ago

Its not back and its not gonna run FIFA close at all.

PES is dead this gen, its as simple as that. They haven't adapted and dont look like they will. Every year i see previewers saying the same thing. At first i was fooled and got excited, but grew more skeptical every year as it became more apparent that the engine is out of date and the developers cant adapt to next-gen consoles.

I play FIFA now, its not a great game but it does some things great. Its enjoyable for a few games now and then but with all the glitz and glamour it still isnt a patch on the pure satisfaction and addictiveness of a six year old PES 6, or an older PES 5.
That being said, its lights years ahead of PES this gen. FIFA feels loose and plays seamlessly, PES feels so wooden and still has that feel of being on rails.

I dont want to go on and on, which i kinda am, its just that im a passionate PES fan and miss the game terribly because PES hasnt showed up this gen and i hate when guys keep saying "this is the year" when it always ends up the same. After playing the demo, its the same crap, different year. The game is still broken yet im seeing guys saying how its such an improvement and its the best yet (like every other year) when they should be saying "what is this shit, where the hell is pes!".

Fil1012084d ago

I totally agree with every thing you have said, it is in my opinion real sad that pes has stayed in the ps2 era there has been no inovation at all this gen and if i'm brutally honest although the pes 13 demo was pretty good fifa is the king this gen, konami need to pull there finger out !

OcelotRigz2084d ago

Exactly, they need to pull the finger out. They cant keep making minor changes then present as major changes, while ignoring major flaws, which is exactly what they're doing now.

Personally, i think its over for PES this gen. But i do think, or at least hope, that they will make amends next gen. The news that they will use the new Fox Engine and that they opened a studio in London kinda gives me hope in that respect.