New Super Mario Bros. 2 is too obsessed with reliving the good old days | GamesBeat review

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb writes: "NSMB2 is a fine (bordering on great) game, but I’m grading on a curve. This is Nintendo and Mario. These are words that are essential to describing my happy childhood. And while this next entry in the series fixes a lot of the problems I had with New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, it’s still the same conversation. It’s still just a series of allusions to previous games wrapped in stale art assets."

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roblef2052d ago

Sounds like Nintendo's entire marketing strategy - MOAR OF THE SAME STUFFI

crazytown992052d ago

But the same stuff is often so good.

live2play2052d ago

same critique

great level design, fun

stale art, music, not original

live2play2052d ago

it would be better if they dared to do more things

play with the 3d
new mechanics

Qrphe2052d ago

Are levels still too easy that you'll end up with 99 lives every time?

Sadly, it seems the latest Mario games rely on gimmicky, cute Mario suits to convey innovation (potential hyperbole).