If ‘All-Stars Battle Royale’ Is a ‘Rip-Off’ Does That Make It Inherently Bad?

Ben Kendrick of Game Rant writes: "‘Bayonetta’ designer, Hideki Kamiya, calls ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ a ‘Super Smash Bros.’ ‘rip-off’ but can a ‘rip-off’ still offer fun iteration on a past formula?"

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KwietStorm1388d ago

If you want to be anal about it, just about everything in the consumer industry is a "ripoff" of something. So, if that makes a product 'bad,' then everything in our homes is crap. Gaming just happens to be over-saturated with critics.

JellyJelly1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

No, but it doesn't make it less of a rip-off either.

@KwietStorm - Not like this. They've copied everything down to the art style of SSMB. Not saying it's bad in any way, the game looks to be great. But to deny it's a rip-off is just stupid.

ShinMaster1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Because every 2D fighter is a Street Fighter rip off as well, right?
How about side-scrolling beat em ups? You remember those?
Did Nintendo copy the concept from 'Sonic the Fighters'?
Does that make them rip offs or clones? Come on now, don't be so narrow minded.

The art style??? You sir, do not have an eye for art or design.
* http://images4.wikia.nocook...
The art style is nothing like Smash.

"Copied everything" you say?
Wow, I didn't know PS Battle Royale had King-of-the-hill type gameplay or that Smash Bros had PS characters and themes, an MvC-type combo system and KOs by Super moves with no ring-outs.
The design is different. The characters and stages are different. The gameplay mechanics and rules are different.
Sure, it does borrow from Smash Bros. But it has plenty of its own unique implementations to make it its own game. More so than other games in the same genre.

Let's face it. There aren't that many popular games in this particular genre, that's why it may stand out as a rip off to you.
But if 4-player brawlers(which have existed for years) flooded the market the way FPS or JRPGS have, you wouldn't be calling it a rip off because there would be too many to care.
It's a game in the same GENRE of Smash Bros. but not a clone.

Where were you haters when 'Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble' came out? Or 'Digimon Battle Arena . . . Battle Stadium . . . Punch Time Explosion . . . Dream Mix TV . . . Jumpe Super Stars or any of those other brawlers came out?
Exactly. Double standards because it's a Sony exclusive with PS characters.

FYI, this is how games evolve. Similar ideas are taken and expanded on. Game after game.

Cryptcuzz1388d ago

This guy speaks the truth and has the facts to prove it.

Why so much hate on this game? If you like it, play it, if you don't then don't buy it. Simple.

No one is forcing anyone to buy or play this game.

Personally, I am going to be buying this game based on the beta and footage that I have seen and played myself.

For all others, why don't you do the same?

Jon_Smackenrow1388d ago

Which aspect is it a Rip-off. Neo Geo combined their fighting frainces. Every FPS is a knock off of Wolfinstien 3D, I know I was there when it happen. Does that make COD or MOH or BF or Mindcraft of Decent or Halo bad?

Machioto1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

It should only matter if they aren't try anything new because this reminds of uncharted vs tomb raider both are action-adventure-platformers but differed in that the former is more grounded in reality that the latter.

@jelly Their art style consist of all the games each charter came from .

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