The PS3 Collections We’re Likely Going To See This Fall

Earlier this morning, Sony announced that a new line of ‘PS3 Collections’ would start to be available at the end of the month, beginning with the God of War Saga, Infamous Collection, and Ratchet and Clank Collection. They also said that we would be seeing more collections sometime this fall, and this is a list of all the ones we are most likely going to see.

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iamnsuperman1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

2 LBP 1 games in the LBP collection. WOW. Just Kidding but I think the LBP collection doesn't really make much sense. I see the first story being a DLC and not the whole game as 2 is LBP1 with a lot more content/better visuals.

BringingTheThunder1957d ago

2 games with a ton of extra content

Relientk771957d ago

These collections are perfect for people just getting PS3's and/or never having played these games before

TrendyGamers1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


Dante1121957d ago

Thinking about getting the Motorstorm collection. Never got a chance to play those games.

ThatHappyGamer1956d ago

I'm a FPS whore and I always wanted to play UC & Motorstorm. Seems, the time has come to play those games.

jc485731957d ago

I doubt they're going to be able to fit all three on one disc.

TrendyGamers1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Are you talking about Uncharted? Because they could pack in 3 discs, or use PSN codes for Uncharted 1 and/or 2.


I only say PSN codes because that is what they are doing with the God of War Origins Collection in the God of War Saga.

jc485731957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

why the hell would I want to download Uncharted 1/2? I thought the whole point of the collection was to have all games on one disc/package and no downloads included.


Yea, that's disappointing to me. Downloads are worthless to me.

Relientk771957d ago

I think he means Uncharted, and yea they are big games and take up a lot of space

BringingTheThunder1957d ago

all 3 uncharted games for $40? i'd be fine with a voucher for one of them.

playing them is all that matters to me

brettyd1957d ago

Where is SOCOM? for real what the hell? Dont they see the poll?!?!?!

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